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Jen DeSantis Week 43: Into the Darkness (Part 3)

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Title: Into the Darkness (Part 3)

I woke up, my head pounding and my nose fully of the cloying smell of honeysuckle. I lay in a field tall grass, its swaying motion blocking my view of the sky.

But wait...

I brought my hand slowly to my forehead. This field was impossible. This wind as well. I’d just walked up to a new house, a stellar find that Kevin had wanted to explore for months. He was just behind me when I approached the gate.


Kevin’s voice ... so faint. So far away.

I scrambled to my feet, the stiff grass scratching at my face. The pounding in my head great worse as I tried to stand, but I fought through it, stumbling as I moved blindly through the high weeds. The sun, the impossible sun, sent a ringing pain through my head but I pressed on until I reached the end of the field.

A beach stretched out for only a few feet before a gently lapping grey lake spread out in front of me. Space doubled, tripled within my head. Was all of this but an illusion? Or was this strange place tucked away within the house?

“Kevin...” I murmured, dropping to my knees beneath the weight of my pounding head. “Kevin, where are you?”

“I don’t think they can hear us,” a small voice whispered to my right.

I snapped my head around and looked into the large, brown eyes of a little girl. She sat against a worn wooden post. Several more posts stretched out. Farther down the beach, I noticed a small boat tied to a post.

“Who are you?” I asked. “How did you get here?”

“Don’t know,” the little girl replied, shrugging. “I walked into the house a while ago and ended up here. You?”

I just shook my head, disoriented.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Well, Ryan,” she said. “And whoever Kevin is.”

“How long have you been here?”

“A while,” she said again. “Time is strange here.”

The little girl sighed.

“What do we do now?”

“We wait.”

A shiver ran up my spine as I lowered myself down to the sand next to the girl.

“Help me,” I whispered. “Help me.”

I didn’t know who I was talking to, but the plea didn’t seem in vain.


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Jennifer DeSantis is a Horror and Paranormal Author and host of the #FridayPictureShow. She lives near Philly with her family. In her spare time is an aspiring ninja.


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