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Michela Walters Week 41: A Tribe Reclaimed

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Title: A Tribe Reclaimed

The weight of the world pressed firmly down upon her shoulders. Her lithe body was wracked with exhaustion and overwhelming guilt. Being the sole survivor in an epic battle with one’s mortal enemy did that to you, she supposed.

The bloodied spear clattered to the ground beside her, echoing off the canyon walls. Another grim reminder that she was alone in the barren wasteland of a battlefield.

She stared intently at the ground, for she couldn’t bear to look up, knowing exactly what kind of wreckage she’d see. Bodies, from both sides of the battle decomposing on the wide expanse. As much as she wanted to give a respectable and proper burial to those that had fallen, she didn’t have the stomach, or the energy to do so. Not at this time anyways.

Her mind whirred, unable to stop the grisly pictures from the endless loop that was playing in her mind. Sitting here, the last remaining Elagora Fairy, she had to wonder what was next for her. Where would she go?

She knew there might still be some Larkin Gnomes lurking about, and debated about letting them capture her. At least she’d either be dead like the rest of her demolished tribe, or have some kind of companionship. Right now the guilt alone was killing her. Murdering her under the pressure of being unable to propagate her species. And at the moment she wasn’t really sure if becoming extinct was better than being an outcast until the day she died.

The wind billowed from the east, the stench reminding her that she needed to make a decision quickly. From the deep recesses of her mind, she could her mother’s serene voice telling her a story of a reclusive man who’d left her tribe in a spat with the chief. He’d packed up a rucksack and headed west until the hills stopped rising and he lived among the woods overlooking the sea.

In a sudden burst of energy, she stood up and grabbed the spear off the ground. She looked towards the looming mountains on the horizon and started walking. Her feet moved of their own accord, and she wasn’t sure she’d find the mythical man, but she would die trying.

There might be hope for her kind afterall.


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