Monday, April 22, 2013

M L Gammella Week 44: Spring

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Title: Spring


Spring meant walks along the gravel path, dotted with heavy-headed Brown-Eyed Susans.

I looked forward to those warm days, when I would run my hands across the blooms, relishing the velvety texture of the petals.

Bees buzzed, crickets chirped, and birds sang, all a song for me as I walked in the midst of their kingdom.

I think of those walks now, when the warm breeze of spring caresses my cheek. I long to run my fingers along those petals, but my body is no longer capable of going on those walks. My memory has to be enough, as even if I could walk along that path, my fading eyesight would only tease me with blurry glimpses of such happy sights.

Spring meant rebirth and new life, the world in a tizzy to grow again.

But for me, it was another reminder of what has passed me by. The world is made for the young, for the old can’t keep up.

So I shall wait until the world catches up, to collect me. So I can be reborn in the Spring, and take those walks along the Brown-Eyed Susans again.


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M L Gammella lives in Ohio with her husband and their three pets. She is currently working on her first novel, a paranormal suspense based in Maine. Please follow her at @MLGammella and visit her website at Onward to the Written Word.


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