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J Whitworth Hazzard Week 52: Sweet Rides

WEEK 52! We made it a whole year of Daily Picspirations!! Thank you to all the contributing authors that have made this possible, both current and past. Here's to another year of Daily Picspirations!!


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Title: Sweet Rides

Pop’s Drive-In was clearing out for the night when a sharp crack turned everyone’s heads towards the street. It sounded like gunfire—a big gun to boot—not unusual for this part of town, but the only thing Lila saw was the big blue bomber pulling into the parking lot. The regular crowd, sparse as it was on a Tuesday night, came and went hours ago and Lila hadn’t made more than $1.40 in tips in two hours. The skates were killing her ankles and she was cranky about having to get shakes and greasy burgers for one more jag-off in a ninety-thousand dollar car who couldn’t be bothered to tip.

She rolled up to the blue bomber as it settled smoothly into a parking spot and the heavily tinted window rolled down. “The kitchen is closing in five minutes…”

Lila’s voice dropped off when she saw the man in the sunglasses inside the car. His rough, patchy skin has a pattern of something sparkly embedded in it, like glitter. Only these things looked like tiny diamonds. His bright red hair was too thick to be real, and set off his purple eyes hidden behind the solid gold sunglasses. The odd thing—besides the fact that he was incredibly odd looking—was that the man was strikingly handsome.

“Looka here, Darlin’. I heard you’ve got the best damned burger and chocolate malt in the game. How’s about I make it worth your while to keep that kitchen open for a few minutes?” The crystal white smile preceded a smooth hand adorned with rings of every metal imaginable holding three, folded, crisp, hundred dollar bills.

Lila took the bills and held them up to the neon light. Real. Very, very real.

“Yeah. Sure.” Her enthusiasm was quick to ignite with the promise of more to come. “One burger and malt, coming up.” Lila rolled up to the kitchen window and Enrique yelled at her, “No mas, Lila. We’re closed.”

She plastered a hundred dollar bill against the window and Enrique shrugged and threw another burger on the grill.

Ten minutes later, Lila skated out the piping-hot burger, fries, and chocolate malt to the blue bomber. The man inside was bopping his head along to music that Lila had never heard before. To even call it music was generous: a cacophonous collection of electronic noise mixed in with horns and an army of out-of-sync drum sets.

The man took the food and handed over another small handful of bills, all hundreds. Lila stood beside the car in silence, stunned at his oddity and generosity, while he practically inhaled his food. His perfect white teeth tore through the burger and fries in a minute flat and he sucked the malt dry in one go.

“Wow. You were hungry,” Lila said. “You’re not from around here are you?”

He smiled and Lila melted a little inside. “What gave me away, Darlin? Was it the hair? I told Narlax it was too red. Son of a Blargbeast.”

“Wait… you mean, you’re…” Lila stuttered and sputtered. It had to be some sort of joke. “You’re really from out-of-town” Lila raised her fingers in air-quotes, not quite courageous enough to say the word.

The handsome stranger open his mouth and a too-pink tongue slid out of his mouth and out and out and out until Lila thought she could feel the blush burning on her cheeks. His eyes said he knew exactly what she was thinking about how to use that tongue. “Tell you what. How’s about I take you for a spin in my sweet little ride.”

Lila’s heart pumped so fast she thought she would pass out. She caught herself seriously considering his offer and mentally smacked herself back to reality. You can’t go off with a complete stranger, Lila! Didn’t your mama teach you about getting into cars with men!

“I ain’t exactly a man, if that helps.” He smiled again and Lila felt her knees tremble. “I’m a bit more…flexible… than you’re used to.”

Did he just read my mind?

“I did. And imagine what that’d be like in a more… what’s the word? Comfortable, setting. Ever been with someone who didn’t have to guess what you wanted next? You won’t be home for breakfast, but I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.”

Lila’s skated around to the side of the car and took a deep breath before grabbing the door handle.

“Before I get in, tell me your name. Your real name.”


“A thousand pick-up artists have rolled through this joint and tried to get me into their cars. You think you’re going to blow my mind because I’m some easy Earth girl, but let me tell you something, Skarlett. You’re in for the sweetest, wildest ride of your alien life.”

The blue bomber rolled out of the drive-in, the occupants giggling and laughing, before the car roared down the street and with a sudden gunshot crack disappeared in a streak of blue light into the night.


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  1. What a fun read!!! I'm thinking Skarlett and Lila are going to have the time of their lives together!! :)