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SJ Maylee Week 53: Stay

WEEK 53! This is the first week of our 2nd year of DAILY PICSPIRATIONS! Thank you to all the contributing authors that have made this possible, both current and past. Here's to another year of Daily Picspirations!!


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SJ Maylee’s’ Choice: 2

Title: Stay

The hammer came down on the last lollypop and it shattered. Jessica stared at the entire mess and knew she couldn’t clean up what they’d started. It was a sign.

“Is it worse than you expected?” Dan asked. When she didn’t respond, he snuck up behind her. “Sweet.”

She turned her head and took in his smile. The dimple had always gotten to her, she’d miss it for sure, but after last night she had to ask for a new research partner.

They’d gone for drinks like they always did when an assignment ended, but this time they danced. When the music turned slow, he’d taken her in his arms. Instinct took over and she wrapped her arms around his neck. His lips were so close to hers. Like an addiction, he drew her in and by the end of the song, she’d given in.

She felt too at home in his arms to ever regret what happened, but she doubted he felt the same.

She handed him the hammer. “Can you do the next batch?” She stepped towards the desk and he grabbed her hand.

“Stay with me,” he said, pulling her back and into his arms.


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