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Sarah Aisling Week 53: Got a Secret . . . Can You Keep it? (Part Sixteen)

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Title: Got a Secret . . . Can You Keep it? (Part Sixteen)

Ciel awoke stiff and cold. She'd curled into a ball on the uncomfortable cot and fallen asleep, but the blanket had fallen to the floor, leaving her exposed. She blinked, rubbing the sleep from her irritated eyes. The canned air in the bunker had dried out all membranes, leaving her to wonder how safe this place was and how long she would survive here.

Remembering her confrontation with Janice, Ciel uncurled herself and looked around the small space for her friend. Had Melinda Jeffries let Janice out of the bunker while she herself was sleeping?

“Janice?” Ciel's was the voice of a scared child.

“Over here.” Janice poked her head out from behind the privacy screen.

Once again, Ciel was taken aback by her pale, ill-appearing countenance. When Janice pulled up a chair by the cot, Ciel shuddered at the sight of her bony wrists and hipbones.

“You, um . . . lost a lot of weight, huh?”

Janice swept an arm over her form and laughed without humor. “Yeah, captivity will do that.”

“Has she been starving you?” Ciel's eyes widened.

“No—just no appetite. Why would my aunt starve me?”

“Why would your aunt kidnap you?” Ciel countered.

Janice shrugged one shoulder, leaving Ciel to question her state of mind. It was not okay that Professor Jeffries slept with a student or that his crazy wife abducted said student. The fact the student happened to be the niece of the Professor's wife further complicated the situation.

A speaker crackled to life somewhere nearby. “Time to eat, girls. Keep away from the door while I bring the tray in.”

Janice glared at the ceiling but kept her mouth shut and remained on her chair as the metal door creaked open. A forest green hood concealed Melinda Jeffries' face when she entered the room. She put a tray of food on a small table by the door and turned to leave.

“Aunt MJ,” Janice said, and Melinda hesitated with her hand on the doorjamb. “Why did you do this? And why didn't you tell me . . . about Paul?”

Melinda stiffened, her knuckles turning white around the edge of the door. “Don't you say his name!”

Janice blanched. “You can't keep us locked up forever!”

“I don't intend to.” Melinda's voice was calmer, but her grip on the door didn't loosen.

“You told me you missed mom, that you wanted to spend time with me!” Janice pictured her mom as an angel held captive in an old gilded mirror. The three of them looked so much alike, shared the same birthmark. Was it some sort of curse?

“I do want to spend time with you. That's why I've decided we're leaving here soon—going where nobody will find us.”

What?” Ciel and Janice spoke as one unit, both of them staring at Melinda Jeffries' back in horror.

“Not to worry. Once we're far from here, I'll make a call and tell them how to find Ciel. She's the only innocent one here, isn't she?”

“You won't get away with this, you crazy bitch!” Janice lurched from her chair and raced for her aunt.

Melinda slipped out and slammed the door shut, locking it. The speaker crackled to life once again. “Don't call me crazy.” Her tone was low and ominous. “Prepare yourself, Jan. Eat hearty. We have quite the trip ahead of us.”

Janice banged her fists on the door. “What trip? Where are you taking me?” Tears of frustration spilled down her cheeks. “Aunt MJ!”

The speaker clicked off.


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  1. Great piece, scary as hell - that Aunt MJ is VERY unstable!