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Kimberly Gould Week 52: Brilliant

WEEK 52! We made it a whole year of Daily Picspirations!! Thank you to all the contributing authors that have made this possible, both current and past. Here's to another year of Daily Picspirations!!


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Title: Brilliant

“Why do you have to do it so early?”

“Early? It’s the middle of December. How long were planning to leave it?”

“Look, if you want to put up the tree, you go ahead. I’m getting a beer.”

“Fine, you go hide in your den. I’ll be the family in this family.”

The door slammed behind Tony, leaving Jessica standing with her arms crossed and tears in her eyes. What had changed? Where was the man that was eager to spend time with her? Leaning against the kitchen counter, she looked at the cooling sugar cookies that would need decorating. What was the point? It seemed obvious no one would enjoy it. No matter how hard she tried to hold things together, it would inevitably fall through her fingers like sand.


Jessica closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Tony hadn’t even greeted their eight month old. It was her first Christmas and he couldn’t be bothered to participate. Dolly cried again. Not in dismay, more as a call. She could say Ma, but was still more likely to simply scream when she wanted something.

“Yes, sweetie? What’s the matter?”

She hadn’t left the toddler along that long, had she? It had only been a few moments, but Dolly had yanked the string of lights off the table and in doing so flicked on the switch.

“Waah!” She called again and to Jessica’s amazement, Tony opened the door of his den. “Aren’t you going to get her?” he asked. They stood together in the far doorway, watching their daughter play with the white lights, crying out when they didn’t go where she wanted. The light on her face made her look even more angelic, if that were possible. Although both parents had the concern of her getting tangled in and choking herself on the string, they couldn’t help but watch in silence while she tugged and pushed the bright lights.

“I’m sorry,” Tony murmured, his arm going around Jessica’s waist. “It was a bad day in the office. “Let me grab my beer and I’ll come help you.”

“No hurry. We have all night. It won’t take that long.”

“Just don’t start without me,” he said, turning Jessica into the wall. Leaning against her, he held her gaze before kissing her slowly, gently and then backing away. “I don’t want to miss this.”

“It won’t happen without you,” she promised. “After all, we need Daddy, don’t we, Dolly?” she asked, sweeping up the child and the lights. Tony watched them, both lit by the string. Striding toward them, he hugged both, Dolly giggling between them.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”


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