Tuesday, September 3, 2013

J M Blackman Week 63: Music

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J.M. Blackman’s Picture Choice: 1

Title: Music

As if a symphony
resided in my blood, in my skin,
the very thought of your face
sends racing chords through my flesh.
The music I can never hear
but always feels rises, jerking
at my heart, crushing my chest
in the sweetest collapse:
rolling, pooling, spreading—it washes
over me at the memory of your voice.
The image of you inspires a great
crescendo that fills into the most
exquisite motion, a piece worthy
of the most beautiful grandeur.


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J.M. Blackman is a Language Arts teacheri and a feminist. She endeavors to review nearly everything she reads and is a happy wife. She's a SFF enthusiast, loves dark humor, and has an unhealthy need to protect the image of Batman.