Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kimberly Gould Week 64: The End

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This was it. Justin scaled the wall, paying careful heed to the spikes at the top. It would be easy to snag a pant leg, or worse, a leg, on one of the cruel posts. There was nothing to hold onto, nothing to balance on and it would be easy to fall. Falling was what he wanted. Falling was what it was all about. Letting the world tug on him until he sunk into it.

This wasn’t the first time he’d done something stupid to get his blood pumping, it wasn’t even the most dangerous, it was just the latest, and probably the stupidest. The best, the greatest rush, was getting tossed among rocks and finally over a waterfall. It had been that trip, that white water, that had finally nailed what it was he needed, what he sought. It wasn’t simply adrenaline. All the rollercoasters and rides had come close, but they all restrained them, and none of them focused on the fall, merely using it to push you up the next slope. Going over the edge, falling with no hope of return, had made his blood sing and his mind reel. It had given him exactly what he wanted. Since then he’d taken up diving, done a few bungee jumps, and was looking for more. This wall was nothing. It was a little over a storey. It was the first time he’d jumped unsuspended, no water below to cushion the fall, just a pit of newly turned earth. He wanted that welcome, he wanted the ground to swallow him. The pit added another six feet to jump. Perfect. Twisting in a wide circle, he lay flat, spreading the impact over his entire back. It didn’t stop his head whipping too hard and too fast.

His last thought was that it had been too quick. At least he was already in a grave.


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  1. I like that a lot. The pace is good, totally able to understand his desire for more. Great ending too.

  2. made my heart flutter as I read. The ending made me breathe!

    great write up!