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Jenn Monty Week 64: Water Works

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Title: Water Works

Devon swirled her hand just above the water’s edge. She watched the ripples respond to her movement and laughed with glee. A family of swans looked her way then swam to the opposite bank, uninterested in the girl or her new found powers. Devon flicked her wrist and sent a stream across the lake. The swans squawked and struggled against the resulting current. Devon smiled mischievously. She clapped her hands together, excited to see what would happen. A wave rushed across the lake, white-capping before overtaking the swans. Devon lost sight of them for a few moments until one by one they popped up from the surf.

Excellent, she thought. Olivia is going to freak when she sees what I can do. Devon stood and pulled out her cell phone. She began texting Olivia as she walked to her car.

Meet me at the marina in 2 hrs. Bring the guys.
Ur gonna freak when I show you my new trick. :)

A few moments later, Devon’s phone buzzed in reply.

Hey chica. Wassup? Suits and towels only or
bring the cooler 2?

After a few more texts, the afternoon was set. Now all Devon needed to do was figure out how to control a bigger area of water.

Devon was sitting on the end of the pier when Olivia, Shaun, and Matt pulled into the public beach. As expected, the guys ran across the pier and jumped straight into the water, splashing cool water across Devon’s legs. She smiled as she pushed the water off her body and onto the dock.

“Hey, girl.” Olivia pulled a cooler over to Devon and plopped down beside her friend.

“So what’s up with the cryptic texts? What trick have you learned?” Olivia started to pull out a beer but Devon reached over to shut the cooler lid before her friend succeeded.

“What the hell?” Olivia asked.

“I need you to get into the water before I can show you the trick,” Devon replied.

Reluctantly, Olivia sank down into the water and swam out to where the guys were dunking each other.

“So what’s the deal, chica? Hurry up and show me this trick already,” Olivia called out as she treaded water.

Devon stood up and made sure all three faces were turned her way. She jumped up and out, pulling her knees to her chest in a classic cannonball tuck. As she hit the water, she pushed out with all her might, hoping at least a small wave would jostle her friends about. She felt the water rush away from her body before falling back into place. She swam up to the surface, beaming with pride at her own cleverness. She looked across the water to see if her friends were impressed. All she saw were three heads just above the water line as a gigantic wave rushed toward them. Devon watched in horror as the wave hit; the last she ever saw of her friends was Matt’s arms reaching up to grab the air before the water swallowed them whole.


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