Thursday, September 5, 2013

Michela Walters Week 63: Eyes of the Revolution

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Title: Eyes of the Revolution

Setting the spray can down, Javier stood back to admire his work. He knew his image would draw ire. But this creation was years in the making. Tonight he was hoping to ignite the spark of the populous, to drive them into action against the oppression their government had been wielding for so long. He knew the graphic display of the country’s famous revolutionary would bring a violent crackdown by the government. There had been pockets of protests over the course of a few months, but he knew today’s demonstration was going to be the largest yet.

Jumping down off the scaffolding he headed into the darkness. He needed to try and get a couple of hours of sleep before all hell broke loose. But he was ready, and even if he didn’t make it through the day, he understood his purpose in the fight. He recognized what this meant not only to those who would survive this coup, but for future generations and the very basic human rights that no one should have to endure without. Ducking his head, he walked swiftly for home. Taking one last glance over his shoulder at what he hoped would be the ignition for change, he raised his fist high in the air in silent salute.

“Viva la revolucion,” he whispered into the dark.


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  1. His passion for revolution is evoked in the words he thought. I hope his involvement doesn't end his life but he lives to appreciate a government when he will enjoy human dignity and equal rights.