Thursday, October 17, 2013

Michela Walters Week 69: Frosty Memories

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Title: Frosty Memories

The wind was bitter against her cheeks as Maggie shuffled home after a long shift at the cafe. She walked past the same park every day, but only on days like today did the bittersweet memories hold her hostage. When the snow was gently cascading down, the twinkle lights glowing in the trees filled with the hope and wishes of fresh starts for the New Year. These were the nights she allowed herself a moment of exhausted weakness. She didn’t have time to succomb to the devil that sat on her shoulder most days, because she had a six year old son at home that needed his mommy. After two years, he continued to be her sole reason for waking up each day and putting one foot in front of the other. If it wasn’t for his big blue eyes shining with wonder and his sweet curious voice asking a thousand questions a day she didn’t know the answer to, she’d be buried six feet under beside her beloved husband.

Her thoughts drifted back to the night of the accident, a night similar to tonight. Where the temperature hovered below freezing, causing ice to build up on the pavement like an urban skating rink. She fondly remember being huddled into her husband’s side as they walked home from a friend’s Christmas party. They’d both been in good humor, having a night out without their precocious four year old and were tipsy from the champagne cocktails they’d been served. A stray tear tracked down her cheek as the memory of walking hand in hand with Adam and talking about their upcoming holiday plans. In the blink of an eye it was all ripped away when a car came speeding around the corner too fast for the conditions. If it wasn’t for a swift shove by her husband, she too would probably be gone, leaving her son an orphan. A thought that made her shiver and it wasn’t from the cold.

When she arrived back to her tiny apartment, a sacrifice she’d had to make now that she was the sole breadwinner in the family, she climbed the stairs with a heavy heart. Relieving her sitter, she crept into Henry’s room to kiss him goodnight. Leaning down over her son’s peaceful pose, she couldn’t help but breakdown in a silent sob. He looked so much like Adam it hurt to look at him sometimes, especially when he was exuberant and at play. Now, in the silence of slumber, she wept for the life she could have had and the life that she now possessed . She curled up beside him and held him close, because he was everything to her, and the last remaining thread to the man she thought she’d love for eternity.


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