Monday, October 28, 2013

SJ Maylee Week 71: A Beautiful Day

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Title: A Beautiful Day

Charlie pushed past the swings. He was done waiting for Susan. He couldn’t believe he’d agreed to her request and come to this forsaken place. The kids ran around with not a care in the world. Their giggles grated across his nerves like sandpaper. The cloudless sky pissed him off too.

This day was an exact replica of the day Susan broke his heart and refused his proposal.

“I’m not ready.”

Those three words were on a constant repeat today. He couldn’t get them out of his head. It didn’t matter that he still loved her or that she might have been right. He could find nothing redeeming in being here again.

His phone rang with a new text. “Look up.”

Amongst all the blue, he spotted a plane with a sign dragging out the back.

He was wrong. This day could be fixed by letting go of just one word. The three words repeating in his mind were now replaced with a new message and it made a drastic change to the path of their future.

It was a beautiful day.


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SJ Maylee believes hearts are meant to come together and find love. As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together. You can follow her at @SJMaylee,


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  1. I liked how you blended your story with the picture and made his day beautiful.