Sunday, December 8, 2013

Miranda Kate Week 76: Taken

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Miranda Kate’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: Taken

The Vaudeville looked all fuzzy and blurred as the car passed it. She knew it was where they had just been, but had trouble remembering more than just glimpses. Keeping the inane grin on her face was all she was could manage at the moment, that and the occasional fit of giggles.

The guys in the front had mentioned another party and she’d liked the idea, even if she didn’t know who they were, or where it was being held.

When they turned onto the motorway slip road she started to feel sick, and held onto the handle over the door as she watched the sign for London go by; it had to be a good hour’s drive from here.

A hand crept onto her knee and she glanced at the guy beside her, taking in his leering grin; her drunken mind only taking snapshots.

She looked out the window and wished for more alcohol to dull the realisation of her situation. Only stupid girls got into cars with strangers promising a party.


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