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Miranda Kate Week 78: Throw Yourself Away

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Title: Throw Yourself Away

She looked over the railings at the thunderous water and knew exactly how it felt. She wished she could hit the rocks with that much force, and go tumbling away ready to crash into something else; inside her emotions followed the water.

Other walkers glanced at her as they went passed, having heard the argument she’d had with her boyfriend earlier along the trail. She was leaning out slightly on the chain railings and it was making them nervous. Eventually someone came up to her and said, “You’re not going to throw yourself off, are you?”

The disarming smile she returned seemed to reassure them and they moved on, but if they had looked more closely at her eyes they might not have been so quick.

David did though, and he ran to her, grabbing her arm just as she let her body go, releasing it against the chain links, letting them decide her fate.

She gasped in shock as he swung her round to grip her other arm, managing to balance his foothold in time and pull her into him. Her head flicked back too look at him and rage filled her eyes, but no words came.

“I can’t let you do that.”

“You should have, worthless things should be thrown away.” She spat at him.

“Larissa you are NOT worthless, and never have been.”

“Tell that to them, not me.”

“I have, a hundred times, but you’re the one that keeps going back.”

She spun in his arms. “But they’re family.”

“So? They don’t value you; they never have.”

She turned her head away. He could see how much his words hurt her; it was a shame that her family didn’t. They said such dreadful things to her and when she reacted to them they made her out to be the hurtful one. “I’m sorry Larissa, but I have to say it straight, I have to be honest with you.”

“It’s what I love about you.” She whispered.

He smiled at her, his eyes sad. “I wish you’d believe I loved you back.”

She pulled her chin in a shrug as a tear trickled down her cheek. “Give me time David.”

“I’ll give you anything you need, just step away from the edge and come home.”

She took his hand and sighed. They walked back to the car together, and when he opened the door for her, he said, “And promise me, you’ll have nothing more to do with them, okay?”

As she sat down she gave him a curt nod. “I must, it’s time.”

“Good.” He closed the door and let out a deep breath, registering the tremble in his fingers. He knew that whatever it took, he would always be there for her.


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  1. Families eh? Who'd have them lol. Very vivid description and a very emotional piece. xx