Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jenn Monty Week 86: Heartache

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Title: Heartache

A wind howls through the barren night
Singing in a deathly tone.
The moon is gone,
The stars burned out,
Showing I am alone.

A vast sea of broken dreams
Stretches before my eyes.
The mud is thick,
The water deep,
Wading through all the lies.

The light is gone, the wind bears down
Rippling across the waves.
Heavy feet
Trudge forward still,
Forty nights and forty days.

Lost within the endless sea
Tears mingle with the dreams.
A favorite kiss,
A forgotten look,
Dreams are never as they seem.

The wind kicks up a driving force
Pushing against my back.
The waters whisper
A wicked voice,
Telling all the traits I lack.

A dream drifts up from across the sea
Of a lusher, drier land.
But moving muck,
And sliding truths,
Prove there is no place to stand
A crashing wave of dreams now past
Pulls me under and down.
One final dream,
To say goodbye,
May it surface someday and be found.


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Jenn Monty, also known as Brewed Bohemian, is a lover of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and anything with "Punk" in the name. She is an avid reader and writes flash fiction at



  1. Oh Jenn, that speaks directly to me. So poignant, I can feel the sadness and frustration. Great piece.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I've had a rough few weeks and it was good to get some of it out in a writing piece.