Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miranda Kate Week 114: Home

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Title: Home

Sunlight hit the corridor just right, making it glow. It reflected how she felt about being here. It had taken her so long to get here, and sometimes she had wondered if she would ever make it. The amount of auditions she had come away from, feeling sick to her stomach, sure she had messed up and ruined her chances. The amount of jobs she had worked to try and keep the money coming, to keep a roof over her head and food in her belly, while all the time chipping away at the path to her dreams, tucking away as much as she could to pay for the opportunity to be here. And now she was.

The weeks before moving into the halls of residence had been dark, plagued with thoughts and nightmares of not fitting in, not finding her place among all the other artists and creative folk here, terrified they would see her as a fraud, and not up to scratch or worthy of sharing their space or class with her. But they had all been nothing but fears, and each day her confidence soared as they embraced her and made it clear they saw her as one of their own. She was constantly surprised by their openness to befriend her, and willingness to spend time in her company – sometimes even demanding it.

She smiled. Here she had found it all; the answer to what she had felt was missing inside all these years. She relished it - and cherished it. And every day she awoke she felt like she’d come home.


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  1. A lovely transition. The shift from fear to comfort is as easy as melting in the sun. :)