Sunday, January 31, 2016

Laura James Week 186: Everything Has Changed

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Title: Everything Has Changed

Stella sat looking at the three walls surrounding her. How did she get here? What was she supposed to do now? The desk in front of her had a computer, phone, a notebook, several pens and quite a few post-it notes scrawled with random words.

Jeff Stacey high rise
SSSC & PVG forms to HR
20.00, 12,43, 0.15
Don't forget the Sm11 at month end.

None of it made sense, her brain hurt with every new note she picked up and tried to decipher. Pushing her chair back from the desk she found herself escaping her small room and entering another. Looking around this room made even less sense to her. Kitten and puppy pictures covered every available space, there was even a small stuffed unicorn on top of the computer.

Gagging into her hands Stella leapt from the chair and ran down past lots of other small rooms, each filled with their owners peculiar tastes. Trolls of every size and shape filled one, plastic dancing flowers another, yet another contained beanie babies. On and on she ran turning left then right in an endless fight to escape other people's personalities.

Finally her legs gave out and she stumbled to the floor. Stella lay, face pressed into the carpet trying to control her breathing and clear her mind of the images that had assaulted her. Carefully she started to drag herself forward and glanced into the room on her left. With relief she saw that it contained a desk, a chair and nothing else. Once Stella was in the room she pulled her legs to her chin, resting her head on her knees and sat as still as she could trying to work out what was going on.

The sound of soft whisperings sneaked into her mind and Stella turned her head to the opening of the cubicle she was in. Four legs swam into focus and she watched as one set crouched into a kneeling position, a large bearded face looming in front of her.

"Stella honey, what's wrong?"

She watched the mouth move but there was no sound.

"The doctors are on there way."

Who was this person and what was he wanting? Fear gripped her stomach as the man in front of her raised his hand. Slapping it out of the way Stella screamed long and loud whilst she scrambled deeper into the room. She continued screaming even when blood started to drip from her nostrils and her throat began to burn.

She was still screaming when the paramedics arrived.


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Based in Dunfermline, Scotland, Laura is obsessed with all things horror and spends her time writing flash fiction which she hopes, on occasion, really scares her readers. Feel free to stalk her on twitter, @lejamez



  1. Well, that's a bit of a breakdown! Nice use of cutesy pics!

  2. Oh MY! I did NOT see that coming from the cute kitten prompt! Eeeeeeek! :)