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Jenn Baker Week 72: The First Day of School

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Title: The First Day of School

Walker parked his truck in front of the elementary school. Looking over at his nephew he smiled. “You nervous, Trevor?”

“No.” Trevor hugged his backpack closer to his chest.

“It’s okay if you are.” Walker reached over and squeezed his shoulder. “I was scared my first day of Kindergarten.”

Trevor looked at him with surprise. “Really?”

“Yeah, it was the first time I rode the bus and was away from the farm all day.” Walker watched his nephew for a moment. “You’ll be fine. By lunch you’ll have a bunch of friends and you won’t want the day to end.”


“Yes, I promise. Now, let’s go find your teacher.” At the moment, Walker realized he forgot to ask his sister the name of Trevor’s teacher. “Um, do you know what your teacher’s name is, Squirt?”

“Miz Thompson.” Trevor reached in to his backpack and pulled out a piece of paper. He handed it to Walker. The paper had the teacher’s name and classroom on it.

“Time to get this show on the road. I promised Tori and Quinn I’d be over to help them set up their new roping equipment.” Walker slid out of the truck and grabbed his hat. He looked around as he put the hat on. He turned back to watch Trevor get out of his booster seat and out of the truck. After closing his door, he met Trevor at the front of the truck. Trevor quickly grabbed Walker’s hand before they started toward the playground.

“Welcome to the first day of school. I’m Mrs. Wilkins. I’m one of the teacher assistants. Which teacher do you have this year?” A grandmotherly looking woman asked when they arrived at the playground gate. Walker looked down at Trevor.

“Miz Thompson,” Trevor said shyly.

Walker smiled. It was the first time he had ever seen his nephew shy. Usually, Trevor was outgoing to a fault. Walker and his sister usually had to remind him not to talk to strangers.

“Aren’t you lucky? She is really nice and you are going to like her.” Mrs. Wilkins looked around quickly. “Miss Thompson is over by the swing set. She is the one in the denim dress.”

Walker smiled at Mrs. Wilkins. “Thank you, ma’am.” He led Trevor through the gate and walked toward the swing set. As they drew close, Miss Thompson turned toward them. Walker felt like he had been sucker punched.

Miss Thompson had brunette wavy hair that reached just past her shoulders. Walker’s eyes roamed over her curves following the length of the dress to her shapely calves. He realized he quickly would be indulging in a little apodyopsis if he didn’t look away. He looked down at his nephew and noticed that Trevor was also staring at her.

“Hi, I’m Miss Thompson,” she said with a smile, as she walked over to them.

Walker quickly cleared his throat. “I’m Walker and this is my nephew Trevor Jordan.”

“Hi, Trevor.” She crouched down to his height. “I’m going to be your teacher.”

While Walker watched, Trevor looked at him for reassurance. Walker nodded his head.

“Hi, Miz Thompson.” Trevor’s grip on Walker’s hand tightened.

“Miz Thompson? Is he in our class?” A little boy asked from behind her. Walker never saw the child join them.

“Yes, Mark. This is Trevor.” She stood slowly and looked at the other boy.

Mark moved around the teacher and walked up to Trevor. “Do you wanna play on the swings?”

Trevor looked at Walker again.

Walker crouched down. “Go ahead Squirt. You’re going to have a great day and this afternoon the bus will bring you to my place. I promise not to feed Paddy until you get there.”

Trevor looked at Mark and then back at Walker. He wrapped his arms around Walker’s neck. “I love you, Uncle Walker.”

“I love you too, Trevor.” Walker said with a smile. “Now go play with Mark and I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Trevor pulled away and smiled at Walker before he followed Mark to the playground.

Walker stood up and noticed that the teacher was watching him. Walker smiled at her. “How long have you been teaching?”

“About five years. By the way, my name is Margaret Thompson. You can call me Maggi.” She held out her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Maggi.” Walker took her small hand in his. Her slender fingers were smooth and slight cool against his palm. He had to force himself to release her. Clearing his throat again, he took a small step back.

“I hate to run, but I have an appointment this morning.” Walker smiled at her before he turned and walked away. He knew it was rude to leave without waiting for her response, but he was on the verge on embarrassing himself.

Walker hadn’t reacted to a woman like that in long time. He hardly paid attention anymore. His ranch, rodeo career, and his sister and nephew took his time. He didn’t want it any more complicated by adding a demanding woman to it.

He climbed in to his truck and headed to Tori and Quinn’s place. During the drive to Cottonwood Ranch, he imagined Miss Maggi Thompson naked laying on a pile of hay waiting for him. He reached down and adjusted himself. This was going to be the longest school year in history if he didn’t get himself under control. He shook his head and turned on the radio in an attempt to drown his thoughts.

He pulled in to the drive for Cottonwood with a grateful sigh. He needed some heavy work to clear his head before he did something stupid like ask his nephew’s teacher to dinner.


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Jenn lives in central Florida with her best friend and husband, Andy. When not reviewing books on her book blog, PonyTails Book Reviews, she writes her own Contemporary Western Romance and Scottish Historicals. Jenn is hoping to have her first novel, The Prodigal Cowboy, published in the fall of 2013.


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