Tuesday, January 21, 2014

J M Blackman Week 83: Drowning

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Title: Drowning

Robert placed the glass beside the bottle on the counter. The glass was nearly empty. He’d drank entire glass. Again.

He turned it in a few circles, considering the liquor jolting up and down the sides of the glass. But he didn’t pull it to his mouth, just watched the ripple of color.

He hadn’t thought of the fact that she had bought him the glass. And the whiskey, so akin to her eyes in sunlight.

He used to not drink. He wasn’t quite sure how he’d picked it up. He remembered the set of glasses as a gift from John.

He also remembered that he’d warned himself against John. Against letting him into his life. His head. His heart.

But when he touched John, he felt something. So much more than the low-volume hum of his everyday life. Robert was like a full orchestra. And he wanted to listen to the song until it ended.

Yeah, somehow he wanted to listen despite the fact that John’s beliefs were flat, despite the fact that he hated every single damn thing Robert wore (and told him every time he saw him), despite the fact that they hated each other.

But he couldn’t pull away. John was on his mind, all the time. It was killing Robert. But he couldn’t pull away.

He picked up the bottle. He couldn’t pull away.


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J.M. Blackman is a Language Arts teacheri and a feminist. She endeavors to review nearly everything she reads and is a happy wife. She's a SFF enthusiast, loves dark humor, and has an unhealthy need to protect the image of Batman.



  1. Got a little confused by this one. Third para has 'she bought him the glass', then the fourth tells us John did. I love the sentiment though, referring to him as a song, and he was 'more than the low-volume hum of his everyday life'.

  2. This was one quick read too short. I missed that correction. But I'm glad you enjoyed the sentiment and I appreciate the read.

  3. Editing aside, this is a powerful vignette. Love the rhythm...