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Jenn Monty Week 80: The Traveller

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Title: The Traveller

Raesha tossed the bones once again. And once again the pattern told her it was time to leave. She peered across the tree line for prying eyes as she swept the bones back into the leather pouch on her hip. She stood and walked across the clearing that separated the forest from the road. She loved this forest; she didn't want to leave. She had made a nice place for herself among the circus folks of the area. They let her sleep in the storage trailer; she had even built a name for herself performing as their fortune teller in exchange for food.

But the bones didn't lie. It was time to move on. Raesha slipped out of her flip flops and stepped onto the road, her rune pouch clutched tightly in her hand. An east wind blew along the road, tossing her raven hair gently to one side.

"West it is," she said aloud as she stepped back into her shoes. She let the wind push her west, down the road toward the county line. She hadn't gone more than one hundred feet when she stopped abruptly. A three foot waif of a girl almost toppled into Raesha's legs.

"Why have you followed me, Poppet?" Raesha asked without turning around.

"You're leaving, aren't you?" A small voice accused.

"Yes, Poppet. It is time for me to go." Raesha replied.

"Who's gonna tell my fortune?"

Raesha turned and smiled at the watery blue eyes turned upward toward her. Her heart twinged as she bent down to speak with the child. Raesha slipped one of her many bracelets from her arm and placed it gently in the girls hand.

"The stars will always hold your fortune. Simply look up and they will tell you what comes next."

The girl looked up and frowned. "But what if it's daylight?" The girl asked.

"Then wait until it is night, silly." Raesha pinched the girls cheek then stood up straight. "Go home now. Do not follow me any longer."

With that, Raesha turned and walked westward. She wiped a tear as she moved down the road, away from the girl and a life she had loved.


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  1. A certain sadness in that...and intrigue too, why is she leaving? Nice piece.

    1. Thanks! The complete story isn't there yet but I do like the characters. Might have to see where that road leads. :)

  2. A terrific teaser... Looking forward to more of the story.