Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pablo Michael Week 82: Sweet Revenge

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Pablo Michael’s Picture Choice: Sweet Revenge


Brody parked his car next to the for sale sign. Making the last check of the condo, before the realtor came for the final inspection of the short sell, he unlocked the door to the place he had called home with Angelo for nine years.

“That stupid shit!” he cursed.

Souvenirs from Angelo’s trip to Africa were strategically placed in the entryway, in disregard of Brody’s showcase staging

“Just because he was spooked after meeting up with that witch doctor. That tribal chief told him to collect all these masks and tribal artifacts to protect him from evil spirits, when he returned home with his five-foot-eight, Twinkie, boyfriend. He’s not scaring me. All he wants is this condo for them, leaving me only my family’s vacation home. I won’t let him get more than his share”

Brody stuffed large, Hefty garbage bags with Angelo’s farewell tokens and carried them to the dumpster, eliminating the bitter remnants of their broken relationship.

“Is everything ready?” The realtor greeted Brody, as he dumped the last bag.

“I think so.” Brody wiped the anguished sweat from his brow.

Nine viable offers were submitted, one for each year Brody and Angelo shared their nest. The full cash offer gave them a hundred thousand dollar profit. Angelo was furious. Not only, did he lose the condo and gain but his equal fifty thousand dollar share, he lost his African souvenirs.

The longest, hottest summer came to a bitter close. The snow fell lightly as Brody parked his car on the recently plowed pavement outside the family vacation house. His scorching temper from Angelo’s deceit moderated to the coolness of the surrounding, quaint landscape. The conifer tree branches were cloaked with a mantle of fresh snow. Not far away, a buck stared, and then strolled slowly across the street.

Brody carried the last of his remaining belongings into his new home, ready to begin a reinvigorated life. I hope Angelo finds happiness with his Twink. Gio will be here in two more days. I always liked Italian men. Too bad for Angelo. He didn’t know they like me too.


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Pablo Michaels writes LGBT fiction and has published with Naughty Nights Press, You can follow him at @bell2mike


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