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Samantha Redstreake Geary Week 80: A Sea of Suns

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Samantha Redstreake Geary’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: A Sea of Suns

I look at him and all I see is our past. Not years ago…centuries.

Ours was a passionate love affair in another time, a tragic ending on another continent.

I can still feel the sun’s warmth on our skin as it filters through towering rows of sunflowers. I can still taste the sweet citrus from his family’s grove hanging heavy in the humid air, a blanket of bliss wrapping around our secret. I can still see the briny Mediterranean breeze tousling chocolate locks that fall across his sea-green gaze.

Our bodies, glistening with summer sweat and forbidden love, lie concealed by a thousand suns, their silent eyes watching as I stole the honey melon taste of his lips.

While the roots of my memories twisted and turned with time, his were pulled from the soil of his soul...lost for all eternity.

In this life, a particularly cruel twist of fate has predestined him to love my dearest friend…my sister a lifetime ago.

“Thia?” his voice pulls me to the present. “Are these the right flowers?” he asks, holding up a cluster of fragrant blooms tied with satin ribbon. Violeta’s wedding bouquet.

“Y-yes,” I reply, struggling to find my voice. “Gardenias. They’re her favorite.”

He frowns, sea-green eyes narrowing. His eyes…they never change, not in this life nor the next. “Not very...colorful, are they?”

No, the opposite in fact. “It’s the smell, she likes sweet.”

He walks across the flower-strewn shop and plucks something from a bin. “I like these. They’re...cheerful. What do you think?”

The dazzling golden face stops my heart, its amber eye winking with delight. “I think they’re...lovely.”

He edges closer and takes my hand, delicately wrapping my fingers around the spiny stem. “Then we shall buy a sea of them--wouldn’t that be something?”

An invisible hope takes root, its fragile tendrils sinking into my heart. “I imagine it would.”


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  1. Hi Samantha,

    Ah tis wondrous how thy delight with thine words. And be it the flowers from the bin that steals the heart.

    Gary :)