Friday, January 31, 2014

Samantha Redstreake Geary Week 84:Falling Star

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Samantha Redstreake Geary’s Picture Choice:

Title: Falling Star

There are details I remember with crystal clarity before I died.

The biting wind snapping at my face. My wheels spinning along the snaking Blue Ridge Parkway. My muscles burning with fatigue. The beat up Dodge pickup, passing so close I could see rusted bones beneath peeling skin.

The reckless truck swerved within an inch of my life, abandoning my fate to the space between death and dying...

I awoke in a body that was not my own, a thousand years severing all ties to the life I lost. I somehow slipped through the fingers of oblivion, only to fall through the cracks of a world I cannot fathom--a lone traveller aboard an alien ship, sailing into a ceaseless sea of stars.

No. Not entirely alone. There’s another lifeform sharing this strange shell, one that’s not exactly...welcoming.


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  1. Considering this is a short piece, you've packed so much in about the unpleasant journey with chilling detail. I really loved reading it. Love the ending too. x

  2. Wow what a lot to process - like Lizzie said, you packed in so much in such a few words, and leave us on the brink of something terrifying! Great job!

  3. Creepy!
    And I can see that happening along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  4. I was scratching along with her,suspected Another motive from Gavin and was nicely surprised with the romantic twist for your ending.,

  5. Hey Samantha,

    This was pretty freaky stuff. An unwanted passenger along for the ride.


  6. I'd like more, Sam. I loved the image of "sailing into a ceaseless sea of stars."