Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ruth Long Week 95: Naturescape

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Ruth Long’s Picture Choice: One

Title: Naturescape

I sit on a carpet of grass
with a skirt full of daffodils
and although my eyes
are closed
I can see the color
and hear the activity
all around me
the peaceful hum
of steady accomplishment

a chubby little bee
in his fuzzy yellow
and black sweater
buzzing from coneflower
to buttercup to foxglove

a red-breasted robin
overpowering the
scarlet columbine
climbing the tree
beneath her
sharp-clawed feet

a jackrabbit
across the green grasses
through the meadowrues
and pipsissewas to her
underground hideaway

and if I close my eyes tightly enough
I imagine they let me become one
with them, if only for a moment
tucked into the crook of
Mother Nature's arm


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  1. I just adore this!! The cute little description of the bee, chubby, fuzzy is wonderful! xx

  2. This was a breath of fresh air, Ruth! I was the one sitting in the grass with a skirt full of daffodils. Loved it!

  3. Lovely! REally nice, can feel it all.