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Jenn Monty Week 98: Purposeful Movement

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She moved, silent as the blossoms drifting through the air. Her grandfather’s words echoed in her mind.

“Each petal has a purpose. Each moves on the Wind, using Wind’s great power. And yet, to a girl on the street it would seem the Wind is in control, would it not?”

Purposeful movement without notice; that was her strength.

Ling Me progressed through the courtyard, weaving in and out of the crowd. Her eyes never left her prey. She shifted her position in concert with the Prince and his teacher. The guards took no notice of the willowy girl and the villagers who did notice assumed she was transfixed by the presence of royalty.

Purposeful movement.

She slipped past a guard and into the inner circle unseen. She stepped behind the royal carriage and then up into the cabin without a sound, her blade at the ready. She stopped short as cool brown eyes gazed at her, unconcerned with her sudden entrance. It would seem she was expected.

“I knew my enemies had hired an assassin but I did not expect to die by such a beautiful hand.” The Prince smirked as Ling Me blushed.

She moved away from the opening she had just entered until her back was against the seat opposite the Prince. Her dagger remained at a deadly angle in front of the Prince as her eyes roamed the space for hidden doors. Where was the teacher?

“Your weapon is elegant. Did you craft it yourself?” Ling Me’s gaze darted to the prince.

“I...No. It was my father’s.” She continued her scan of the space. She must find the teacher.

“Ah. It is an honor to be that the mercy of great craftsmanship and beauty,” the Prince replied. Once again, Ling Me felt her cheeks burn with heat.

“Where is your teacher?” Ling Me asked.

“Do you not wish to be alone with me?” the Prince replied.

“I wish to find your teacher.”

“Sadly, I thought you had come for me. Ah well. He has stepped out but will be back shortly. I hope that is not too much of a disappointment.”

The Prince grinned at the young woman who meant to kill him. Her kimono shifted as she searched the room and the Prince marveled at the creamy skin just visible below the silk. She turned and caught his stare, her eyes growing wide with shock. She lunged, her speed so sudden even the Prince could not have countered the attack. His own eyes widened with the realization he truly would die by her lovely hand.

The scream of metal on metal sounded in his right ear as blades collided. He shifted to see his teacher, sword drawn. To his amazement, the young assassin’s blade appeared to have blocked what would have been a fatal blow from his teacher’s sword. His confusion increased as the two clashed. With each swing from the sword, the assassin countered to defend the Prince. He saw determination on the girl’s face and watched in awe as she moved with purpose, like a petal on the wind.

Ling Me swiveled in the confined space. She needed to end this quickly before the Prince was accidentally hit just from proximity. She pivoted, her back to the teacher and her eyes locking with the Prince.

Purposeful movement.

She swung the dagger in an arc over her head as she arched her back, both hands on the hilt. She twirled, letting the momentum push her forward. The tip of her dagger sliced through the neck of the traitor as her body turned. It was over almost as quickly as it had begun.

The Prince stared at the arresting pale face streaked in blood.

“I do not understand. Why did you protect me?” the Prince stammered.

“I was not the assassin. I was merely protecting my Prince.” Ling Me bowed and placed her father’s dagger at his feet.

“No, you were not the assassin. You were a blossom dancing on the wind; purposeful movement that normally goes unnoticed.” Ling Me’s eyes shot up to the handsome face.

“But believe me, I have noticed now.” The Prince smiled and could see the young woman blushing even through the traitorous blood.


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  1. Sounds like the beginning of a very interesting relationship :) awesome scene!

  2. Wonderful! reminisent of Raymond Feist's The Empire Trilogy. Love the repetition of the Prince thinking/saying what grandfather said. Brilliant beginning to an intriguing tale. I want more.

    1. Thanks! I hadn't thought of expanding but it might be fun. :)

  3. Lovely, clear prose & a well-thought-out scene. Excellent.

    1. Thanks! The pictures really set the tone for the piece.