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Kimberly Gould Week 101: Rebirth

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Title: Rebirth

“Not too close,” she called to the little boy. He grinned back at her and slapped the soles of his feet in the water letting out a tiny shriek. He had just turned two. Two years. Where had the time gone. It seemed only yesterday she was praying for conception, trying every wive’s tale and making appointments with fertility specialists. She worked through the mythic methods first, and some modern ones.

She still remembered the magical day she discovered she was pregnant. It had been the beginning of spring and she was walking, enjoying the freedom from winter. Life was emerging around her, including the robins. She never found out which rotten child had shaken the nest free of the tree, but she lifted it with care and precision, not touching the eggs. Hopefully the mother wouldn’t reject the poor chicks.

She couldn’t imagine rejecting a child. She would be so relieved to have one, so fulfilled, so satisfied. Her heart swelled at the thought and she breathed deeply, filling herself with the life being born around her. From there she entered the house and took that beautiful, prescient, evangelical test. The word was good, living.

Daniel had been born in the winter and they were spending this one somewhere warm and sunny.

A hat plopped onto her head and she looked over her shoulder at the man who had helped bring Daniel into the world. The hat rubbed on her scalp, straws scratching. “You’ll burn that bald head,” he warned.

She sighed. Life, so tumultuous. One day she gave birth to new life and the next she was informed that her own would be extinguished in only a few years. She didn’t let the tears reach her eyes. She ran into the surf and picked up her baby, giggling with him while ticking and kissing his belly.


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