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Miranda Kate Week 98: Inter-Dimensioning Part 2

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Title: Inter-Dimensioning Part 2

They dove into the closest lilac trees, the crunching sound behind them dimming until it stopped all together. It became so dark that Elisa couldn’t decide if they had gone through another portal or not, the only thing visible was a circle of light in front of them, which grew into an opening. They stepped out and discovered a road.

Elisa would have thought they’d arrived back home had it not been for the lilac trees that lined it. Even the trucks and cars parked along it wouldn’t have been out of place in her hometown. But the silence around them spoke of something out of place.

Elisa’s grip on Logan’s hand tightened as they began walking. Logan pulled them into the middle of the road, his eyes scanning the trees with suspicion.

They were travelling uphill and when they reached the rise of the road they were greeted with a breathtaking sight; a wide expanse of sea lay at the end of the road, its waters meeting brilliant white sand. They paused.

“Do you think it’s safe?” Elisa asked.

Logan shrugged. “There’s only one way to find out.”

They continued to walk down the road until the tarmac petered out and the sand took over. They made their way to the water’s edge and stood looking out over it. Logan’s head was bowed and Elisa wondered what he was doing; he seemed to be studying the water. She lifted her foot to dip the toe of shoe into it when he shot out a hand to stop her. She turned to him about to speak, but his finger was on his lips and whispered, “Look and listen.”

She stared at the water and waited, but she heard nothing. Then she realised what he meant – there was no sound, no whoosh as the water moved forward and back, no matter how small the wave. Then she noticed the movement. It wasn’t really back and forth it was rising and falling as though breathing.

“Is it water? What is it?” She hissed.

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t touch it if I was you.”

Elisa looked at her feet and reached down to pick up a small rock next to her right shoe. She looked at Logan, he followed her movements. She showed him the stone and brought her arm back ready to throw it. She glanced at him and he gave a slight nod of approval, so she launched it high into the air.

There was a faint ‘plop’ as it hit the surface, but there was no splash or ripple, and they looked at each other wide-eyed, having never witnessed anything like it.

But then the water did move, it began to retract from the sand, drawing back and gaining height. Logan grabbed Elisa’s hand again and stepped back, not daring to take his eyes off the growing mass. Elisa moved with him, her breath caught in her lungs as her mind reeled at what she might have unleashed. But just as they thought they were going to have to run a second time, it stopped. And then something hit Elisa square in the chest.

Elisa let out a cry and looked at the ground to see what it was, but all she could find was the rock she had thrown. She picked it up and stared at it in amazement, finding the same shock on Logan’s face when she turned to him.

The mass returned to its water like state and continued its wave like motion as though nothing untoward had taken place.

They backed up further without saying a word, not daring to turn their backs on whatever was in front of them until they were at a safe distance. Once they felt the tarmac under their feet they paused.

“What now Logan, what are we going to do now? We can’t go back, it’s not safe, but neither is what’s in front of us.”

Logan pulled a square box out of his pocket and started fiddling with it. “I don’t think we should explore this dimension any further.” He looked up, his eyes flitting about them. “There are clearly things here that are beyond our understanding. If the trees and the seas are living things, I wonder at those cars.”

Elisa glanced over her shoulder at the parked cars and trucks. It hadn’t occurred to her that they might not be what they seem.

Logan held the box the object out in front of him and drew a door in the air.

“Where are we going then?”


Elisa glanced at her watch. “But it’s too soon; it won’t be there yet, not as we know it. Remember the time loop?”

Logan grinned. “Well we can find out what will be there.”

Elisa baulked. “Logan, that’s taking an awfully big risk.”

“Every dimension jump is a risk Elisa, come on, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want adventure.”

He held out his hand. She stalled for one more second before taking it, and together they stepped through the outline in the air.


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  1. What an intriguing world you've built, Miranda. I went back and read the first flash too. Looking forward to where you take them next. :)

  2. Very interesting world in this one!

  3. You've definitely got it going on, Miranda. You have my interest...