Thursday, May 15, 2014

Michela Walters Week 99: Precious Moments

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Title: Precious Moments

Her upturned face was lit up in multicolor hues as the finale to the fireworks display exploded in the sky.

And to me she never looked more lovely.

When her doctor said she had mere months to live, she dug in her heels and decided she wasn’t going to just let a diagnosis put her in the ground without a fight. Her expiration date had been exceeded twice over now, and we celebrated every extra week she was still among us.

Cassidy’s nurses had deemed her the miracle patient, as the experimental treatment had worked even better than their best outcome during their phase one trial. Her success meant the doctors wanted to poke and prod her to find out what made her type of cancer so special and so receptive to this particular chemo cocktail. I could see the bruises beneath her eyes, revealing how exhausted she was even if she’d never admit it. She smiled and allowed the doctors to inconvenience her all in the name of science.

“If this can help even one person, I have to let them try. It will be worth all my suffering if someone else doesn’t have to,” she explained when I asked if she really wanted to be their poster child, slash guinea pig for the study.

Sitting on the tattered tartan plaid blanket in the town park, she seemed at peace and was even able to cross off another thing on her list of things to do before she dies. Who knew experiencing fireworks in the park could be such a milestone.

As I sat watching her wonderment instead of the show, I couldn’t help but wish I could give her more memories and experiences like today. She tried to reassure me she wanted to live each moment as if it was her last, instead of hoping and wishing for things she knew she wouldn’t have the strength to do. With her request, I tried to be satisfied with her present to me of more time. I’ve learned to cherish every minute I spent with her, no matter how insignificant.

I was the recipient of the most precious gift I hadn’t known I’d wished for.


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Michela Walters is a wife, mother and book enthusiast. She is currently attempting her hand at writing her first romantic fiction novella. You can read her other stories on her blog:



  1. A moving piece. Sad and joyful/thankful at the same time.

  2. I agree; so moving with so many mixed emotions. x