Friday, October 24, 2014

J M Blackman Week 122: I’m Not Batman

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Title: I’m Not Batman

It's not that I don't understand why Batman doesn't kill people. It's just that some people need to be killed. You can't actually think that people like the Joker need to be in existence. People like the joker will never reform. They will never add anything to society. They will only ever take things away, take people away.

I get that it's a slippery slope. That the grey may grow and eat the black and white, leaving nothing but the monochrome of everything being the same.

A punch might not be enough for now. Maybe a broken jaw. But why stop there? The criminal should not be able to break the law anymore. They should not be able anymore.

Perhaps even the daily mugger starts to look like the Scarecrow. Maybe they all become Poison Ivy. And maybe they all should no longer exist.

But you know, I can see how that would avalanche. But I'm not Batman. And I suppose that's for the best.

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J.M. Blackman is a Language Arts teacheri and a feminist. She endeavors to review nearly everything she reads and is a happy wife. She's a SFF enthusiast, loves dark humor, and has an unhealthy need to protect the image of Batman.


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