Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mark Ethridge Week 120: A Tale Of Lust : This Is Gonna Be Good

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Title: A Tale Of Lust : This Is Gonna Be Good

Jason watched, through the gap in the curtains, the scene his tiny webcam captured, in real-time, of her bedroom. He watched her enter the room. She pulled him in after her. Jason licked his lips. “This is gonna be good.”

She stood on her bed, pulled her pants off, and laughed. “See anything you want?”

The guy with her licked his lips, and nodded.

She laughed, then pulled her jacket off, standing in a tight, white t-shirt, and barely there thong. “So, what do you see you want?”

The guy didn’t say anything, just stood there, staring at her.

“Show me what you want,” she smiled, “Take what you want,” She stood on the edge of the bed, slipped her hand beneath her thong. “So I’ll know what you like.”

His hands reached her waist, his thumbs slipped beneath the elastic holding her bottom in place. He pulled it down, then off of her. He stepped forward, pushed his head between her legs. Her hands pulled his head further in.

Jason watched. “I’d eat that,” he thought. “I’d do more than eat that.”

The guy did more. His fingers explored her. He turned her around, pushed her to her knees, and let his fingers run wild. She rocked back and forth on them. “Mmmm.” He pulled his fingers from her, and moved them to her ass.

Jason listened to her, “Mmmm,” as he slipped fingers into her ass. “I’d put more than my fingers there.” God, it was fun to watch her. God, he wished he could tie her up, and fuck every part of her.

“Mmmm, is that all?” she whispered.

He opened his pants, and pulled himself free. With his fingers still in her ass, he pushed himself between her legs, and began stroking her.

Jason watched, “I’m gonna need a shower after this.” He felt the urge between his legs. “Wonder if he’ll fuck her ass.” He watched the video, as the man stroked away. “I would.”

The man finished, his fingers still in her ass. “Mmmm,” came from her once more. She pulled away, turned to face him, “It’s time to clean up.” She licked him clean, then opened her mouth, and let her tongue pull him in.

Jason groaned. “Yeah, God. I wish that was me.” He watched the video. “I’d fuck her face but good.” He watched her head move back and forth.

She kept blowing him until he was fully erect once more. “My turn,” she giggled. She pulled him on the bed, pushed him on his back, and straddled him. She reached to the nightstand beside the bed, and grabbed a jar of something. Her fingers dipped into the jar, then wrapped around him, as she spread something on him. She shifted, and sat on him. Jason watched her take him in her ass.

He played the video for hours. Watching the sex over and over. He took a shower, and released the tension between his legs. He watched the video again. He knew, “She will be mine. I will have her. And I’ll do what I want with her.”

Lust rested beneath his bed that night, “Yes, Jason. Yes. Do whatever it takes. Fuck every part of her. Every part.” Jason fell asleep that night, watching the video. As he slept he made a plan. He’d do what he had to. He’d make her his. He’d fuck every part of her. Every time he wanted. As much as he wanted. Beneath Jason's bed, Lusts eyes shined with the light of a predator. “Yes, Jason. Yes. Tie her up. Make her yours. Yours to enjoy. Any way you wish.”

Lust laughed, and laughed. Things were working out well with Jason. It wouldn’t be long at all. It wouldn’t be long at all.


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Mark woke up in 2010, and has been exploring life since then. All his doctors agree. He needs to write.



  1. Yay! Another deadly sin! Very well done. I can imagine how Lust was satisfied by the whole thing.

  2. Extremely intense and sinister. Fab writing too. x