Monday, October 13, 2014

SJ Maylee Week 121: Lost and Found

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SJ Maylee’s’ Choice: Both

Title: Lost and Found

Where had the time gone? It was winter when she fell in love and now the leaves were putting on their stunning show of gold and burning red. Roxanne looked behind her and admired the cause of her distraction.

“I think this would look fabulous on you.” Jonathon held up a skimpy black dress.

“You say that about everything and it’s hardly every true.” She ambled around the rack of clothes and hugged him from behind. “I’m still convinced the last dress you had me try on was actually a shirt.”

“And you looked incredible in it.” He turned around and grabbed her ass, pulling her close to his hard body.

“Jonathon.” She eyed the clerk watching them, slipped from his arms, and walked out of the store.

The quaint town they arrived in yesterday had little treasures from around the world. Jonathon had known the origins of each item they’d found from firsthand knowledge. She was starting to believe Jonathon had been everywhere, even though she knew that couldn’t be true. She of course hadn’t seen any of them before. Her first time out of Illinois was when they left for their first trip several months ago. Yesterday, she discovered something she’d done that Jonathon had not, feeding giraffes. The giant gentle creatures with their long tongues were always the highlight of her trips to the zoo.

On the next block, she found something she was familiar with.

“I know where these are from,” she said.

“Have you ever been inside one?” When she shook her head, he grabbed her hand, kissed her knuckles, and then dragged her closer to the telephone booth. Once he opened the door, he pulled her inside.

“There sure isn’t a lot of space. They don’t even have phones in here.”

“You want to call someone?” He pushed her against the side of the booth and grabbed her ass again.

“No.” She wrapped her arms around him. “Everyone I need is right here.” She pressed her lips to his and lost herself in his kiss.

He pressed his body against hers while he took control of their kiss. His way was deep and demanding. When she was in his arms she was home. She wanted nothing but the moment to continue forever.


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  1. I love their style flirtying and makingh out ina unfamiliar settings. Very romantic. Aastory I could identify with.

  2. I love how you incorporated both random pics in your story in such a cute, romantic way.
    PS Loved those telephone boxes!