Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miranda Kate Week 120: Denial

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Miranda Kate’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: Denial

Kate couldn’t bring them back to life. Even if she changed the water and took out the worst of the dead pieces, they couldn’t be saved.

They had gone too long without sustenance; gone passed the point of return. There would be no resurrection, no flourishing once more. The stems might strengthen a little bit, become more upright and support themselves for a while longer, but the blooms were finished. There was no hope for a return of colour, vivacity or joy.

She stood staring at them. They represented her marriage so much; had it been nurtured or cared for, it might have given pleasure for both parties forever, but instead it had been left to stagnate, the water it sat in growing cloudy and rank, the smell turning bitter; what was once beautiful crumbling and decaying.

There had been attempts to change the water, but it had only slowed the rot, and drawn out the silent death.

She snatched up the vase and marched out to the dustbin. If there was one thing Kate couldn’t abide, it was dead flowers in a house. She’d buy some fresh tomorrow and brighten things up.


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  1. Such beautiful writing. I feel her sorrow and silent strength. Really well done.

  2. What an interesting perspective and metaphor. I hope new flowers bring her new joy.

  3. I love the parallel, so beautifully written, between the spent bouquet of flowers and her stagnant marriage.

  4. Totes agree with the above. Love her strength in the ending and her hope of what new flowers will bring. xxx

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