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Miranda Kate Week 122: Which Witch

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Title: Which Witch

Mildred watched them come as they always did around this time of year. The name drew them. They were looking for any chance to spot Vampires or find some correlation to the tale by that famous American novelist – Mildred had forgotten his name - and the towns folk liked to play up to it. There were tales aplenty about ghosts and ghouls too, all for the tourists delight – Jack up at the Inn had a particular penchant for scaring them on dark nights.

Mildred chuckled to herself as she stepped away from the window. She’d managed to scare Jack a few times too, not that he’d admit it – or known that it was her. He used to love hanging out at the cemetery when he was a teenager, thinking it was cool, and she was a regular, visiting family, not that he would’ve seen her.

Everyone had thought the town was named after the writers book, but she knew better. She remembered fleeing with the rest of them all those years ago, after watching her sisters dangle from rope for all the world to see – and jeer at. Once over the border into Canada they had been free at last, and they could rebuild.

She chuckled again as she remembered the look of horror on his face the night the bats had taken flight and danced round his head. A neat trick she’s been working on for the visitors that year. He’d been a good guinea pig. And then the night he’d spotted the midnight feast she’d been hosting. Her sisters dancing in the full moon that All Hallow’s eve - that had set him running. Ah, they hadn’t had much to show off anymore but their bones.

Most of the residence of the town didn’t know the half of it – and Jack wasn’t about to tell them, not as truth at any rate. They all knew she’d been around a while. And just as some of them would trigger she’d never aged during their entire lifetime (some of them quite long, thanks to her), they’re turn up their heels and go join her sisters in the cemetery.

Mildred chuckled some more. Oh there were dark goings on in Salem alright, but not of the Vampire variety.


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