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KendallJaye Week 189: Live Fully

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Title: Live Fully

The resort was everything they’d advertised. The food was amazing. The staff was impressively friendly. The scenery was gorgeous. It was exactly as I hoped it would be. And all too soon it would be over. The vacation I’d saved for was on its last day. I spent the morning swimming in the perfectly clear water of the ocean and walking miles of beach. Now, after burning off the wasted calories from the prior night’s cocktails, all I could focus on was getting back to my suite for a nap.

Once back in my room, I shimmied out of my conservative one-piece swimsuit and slipped into my gauzy summer dress. It was a bit sheer, but I didn’t anticipate visitors. Directly outside my suite and down a tiny flight of teak wood steps was my semi-private deck. The deck could be completely enclosed from prying eyes by pulling the drapery on the four sides. But today was hand delivered from the gods. It was a day meant to be savored. Perfect temperature. Perfect humidity. Perfect breezes. I descended the stairs and ungracefully flopped myself into the lounger. I could smell the tropical flowers on the breeze and could taste the salt in the air.

Movement from across the way caught the corner of my eye.

On an identical deck from a neighboring suite, an impossibly beautiful and completely naked boy came into focus. His hair was a shade darker than the dampened sand on the beach. His eyes were blue and crystal clear. They held the story of a soul far older than his body. The way he walked was purely fluid, as if he defied all gravitational laws. He turned his back my direction and sat down on a lounger similar to mine. The muscles in his back danced has he raised his arm to run his fingers through his somewhat rebellious hair. The light and shadow emphasized each ripple on his back. He swung his legs up and let out a deep sigh. Once seated, I could tell how tall he was. His well-muscled legs extended far beyond the edge of the lounger. He had the perfect physique of a professional goalkeeper.

And I was gawking like a high-school girl.

Embarrassed, I dropped my gaze, grabbed my sunglasses, and slapped them on my face. I was old enough to be this boy’s mother.

And yet…

Something made turn back.

He was staring at me in my gauzy white summer dress. He was looking at me in much the same way I had been looking at him just moments before. He gave an upward nod of acknowledgment as our eyes met. He rolled to his side. He dipped his chin and curled his finger in a silent invitation.

It was the last day of my vacation.

I would never be here again.

“Live fully,” my therapist had said when she suggested I get away.

And I had no intention of letting this opportunity pass. The nap could wait.

I bit hard on my lip to stifle a giggle. I was at his suite door in ten seconds.


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