Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sydney Logan Week 2: Cranberry

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Sydney Logan’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: Cranberry

He knows how much I love the color of cranberry, so when the gifts arrive at my house, I’m not too surprised. He is generous, to the point of ridiculous. Along with the designer shoes and handbag came a card, inviting me to his villa tonight at seven.

For dinner.

I might be innocent, but no one gifts a $900 pair of shoes in hopes of simply having a bite to eat.

I’m a little early . . . and plenty nervous. My legs quake in my extravagant heels, prompting me to drop, right there at the entrance. I’m slim, so I’m able to fit my entire body within the frame of the door.

I sit there, in my obscenely short skirt, and I shake.

I can’t do this.

That’s what my head screams at me. What my conscience reminds me.

I’m better than this.

But there’s another part of me—that inexperienced, naïve part of my soul—that really wants to try.

Just to see if I can.

My cell phone chirps, alerting me that it’s seven o’clock. As I rise to my feet, I slide my hands along my black skirt—smoothing it, in hopes that my outward appearance is a stark contrast to my inner turmoil.

I take a long, steadying breath as the door opens, and there he stands. I’m always stunned by his height, but today, he’s not so tall, and I know it’s because of my cranberry heels.

He whispers my name, and I know I have a decision to make.

Just then, I notice his cranberry tie.

And the decision is made for me.


Sydney Logan lives in Tennessee with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat. Her debut novel, Lessons Learned, will be released in September. Please visit her website at



  1. Wow, Sydney, I love this. Such a vulnerable, colorful look into this woman's mind and heart. And him wearing the cranberry tie at the end? Perfect. Who could resist him? There's a wicked understated sensuality to this piece that made it fantastic!

  2. I love the crisp lean writing because it makes the visuals pop and the tension spark. And that tie at the end?! Perfection!! ;)

  3. Love the matching tie...I buy hubby ties to coordinate with my favourite clothes! I digress...her vulnerability is so well shown, and talking of coordination, perfect story for the picture!

  4. aww. Such small things that make all the difference.

  5. Really loved this, Sydney! I was right there with her, palpitations and all. Maybe we'll get to hear more about these two sometime. Great use of the prompt.


  6. Great use of the color. I love the way it weaves through the tale. The tie at the end is a great touch... is it please her? Or persuade her? Maybe both... :D

  7. This is great. Terrific use of the prompt! You evoke a wide range of emotions in a very short space.