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Lizzie Koch Week 106: Crazy Bitch

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Title: Crazy Bitch

“What do you think about this crazy bitch in the news?” Josh asked.

“You just said it. Crazy,” Brandon replied.

“She could be in this bar.” He glanced around nervously.

“Yeah right. The only thing dangerous in here is the food . . . and me.” Brandon laughed, picking up the empties and made his way to the bar. “Same again,” he said, leaning on the sticky bar top. “I wouldn’t eat here if you value your life,” he said as the woman next to him browsed the menu.

“It can’t be that bad,” she replied, turning towards him with a smile.

“Bad? Even the cockroaches stay away.” He watched her close the menu then tipping her head back revealing a long, slender neck as her lips just touched the tip of the bottle. He suppressed the urge rising in him as he gazed upon her, the beer he drank not touching his thirst.

“Looks like you could do with another. Monica.” She held out a slender out.

He took it, her warm, soft flesh tingling against his cool cool skin. “Brandon. Join us.”

“You’re either brave or stupid, asking a strange woman to join you,” Monica said as she sat.

“We’re neither.”

The table was littered with empty beer bottles and Monica was giggling at nothing and everything. Josh slumped against the wall. Only Brandon was composed and unaffected by the alcohol. He helped Monica up, linking his arm into hers as she stumbled across the floor towards the door. The cold night air rolled over her, relieving the faint nausea within.

The streets were deserted. Their footsteps echoed through the night but Brandon’s ears were filled with the surge of hunger as the blood pumped with anticipation, coursing through his entire body, urging him on to feed. He eyed Monica.




Since the news was full of the woman on her vengeful, murderous quest, hunting had become easier for Brandon, more spontaneous.

The park lay before them. A dark, open space of silence. Brandon could see as clear as day and lead Monica near the lake in the heart of the park. She giggled as he tried to kiss her. She was like a rag doll; he could do as he wanted. But this displeased him. He wanted to smell fear.

See fear.

Feed on her fear.

He smiled, his eyes glinting in the dark like a cat’s eyes. White teeth glistened, fangs as sharp as a blade, ready to feast. He saw the fear. Her eyes glazed over. Her smile faded. Her heart beat louder and quicker, thudding hard against her chest like a drum calling him. She could feel his hot breath on her face, her neck, the tight grip of his bony fingers on her arm.

Blood poured from the throat wound as Monica stood and watched Brandon clutch his throat, his cream silk shirt saturated in crimson, his eyes bewildered, seeing the flash of the knife too late. He bared his fangs in defiance, possessing all his strength despite the loss of blood. He lunged forward but was met by the swift, sharp blade slashing his chest. He stumbled back, his chest burning.

“I’d say you were stupid,” Monica spat. “Inviting a strange woman to drink with you. I knew what you were. I was hunting you all this time and you thought you were the hunter!” Brandon slumped to the floor, clasping his chest as his skin hissed and sizzled. “Holy water on a silver blade. Not compatible with vampires,” she said, her lips curling in a smirk. “I am that crazy bitch you and your friend were talking about in the bar. Not so crazy now am I?” She straddled him, looking deep into his cold, dark eyes. “And just for the record, I’m not crazy. I’m a hero.” She raised the knife with one hand and kissed her hand with other, placing it on his cold, thin lips as the knife plunged into his black heart up to the hilt. A shallow rattled left his lips and he was still.

Reaching into her pocket, Monica pulled out her lipstick. She expertly coated her lips in the rich, glossy candy floss pink and kissed Brandon’s cheek before leaving the park and disappearing into the shadows.


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