Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ruth Long Week 103: Postcards From The Heart

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Ruth Long’s Picture Choice: Two

Title: Postcards From The Heart

He’d posted his requirements in a single succinct sentence.

Photographer seeks writer to collaborate on travelogue.

She’d responded in seven flowery paragraphs, which, distilled down into a summary sentence, read something like this:

I should be ever so pleased to throw my best sunhat, the one with violet ribbons, into the ring.

If not for her utterly lovely prose, he’d have passed her over.

Not that he’d been deluged with candidates but she was less educated than he’d hoped, though he soon learned what she lacked in schooling she made up for in creativity and intuition.

The project became a love letter between them, his photographs and her words traveling back and forth across time and space, collecting bits of their hearts along the way.

They spent a year working on it, chatting back and forth via email and snail mail, some exchanges breezy, some flirty, many simple discussions of work, but never a breaking of the almighty emotional blackout protocol.

When the project was done, they discussed meeting in person to celebrate, but it had gone unremarked for a several weeks.

Until she arrived at the airport on short notice, dressed in heels, jeans and a filmy black and white polka dot blouse, like some old school movie star.

She’d dropped her carry on and hugged him, so happy and sweet and vivacious, pressed all those lean limbs and feminine curves against him.

Heaven help him, he’d kissed her, chaste at first, but then something had changed in him, and he’d lost control of himself, kissing her as though she was liquor and he was a drunk.

And he knew, in that moment, that meeting her in the flesh had been a mistake. A glorious mistake that he wanted to repeat over and over for the rest of his life.


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  1. Love the way it builds, much like their passion over the year. Wonderful.

  2. Wow! what an ending punch. Lovely piece