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Jenn Monty Week 106: Candle Light

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Title: Candle Light

Georgia stared across the water. The sun cast rays of orange and pink into the clouds. The forecast called for clear skies later in the evening; she hoped it was right. She needed the light of the full moon. She paced the beach, her toes playing in the surf as darkness spread along the waterfront. A pale iridescence appeared on the horizon indicating just a few more hours of waiting. Georgia smiled as she turned back to her beach house to gather supplies.

The white light of the full moon rippled with the waves. Georgia lit a candle and waded into the ocean until the moonlight touched her face. The water was just above her knees and cooled the hot summer night. She took a deep breath and began to recite the words she’d copied from the Internet.

“Lady of the ancient sea
Hear my plea I beg of thee.
On this night of light and love
So below, as above.
By seaweed, sand, and elder spell
Cast my enemies into hell.
I honor thee
By rule of three.
I offer my light
So mote it be.”

Georgia dropped the candle into the water. She gasped as the wick stayed lit and illuminated the sand around her feet. A hand appeared in the wavering light; Georgia stepped back but the hand latched onto her ankle and pulled. Her body was yanked under the waves without warning and Georgia felt her lungs burn with the sting of saltwater. She kicked out, struggling against her attacker. The harder she fought, the faster she was pulled into the ocean. Her lungs began to ache in a way she had never imagined. She had to breathe. Water poured into her mouth as her body involuntarily tried to pull in oxygen. The blackness consumed her but Georgia was certain she could hear the most beautiful singing.

“I am the lady of the sea.
Who is this girl who called to me,
And wished upon both light and love
To call me to the shores above?
By seaweed, sand, and elder spell
I claim this girl for the pits of hell.
She is mine to have by rule of three
Her soul I keep,
As it pleases me.”


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