Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kimberly Gould Week 109: Ripley Van Winkle

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Kimberly Gould’s Picture Choice: Both

Title: Ripley Van Winkle

Ripley blinked away sleep like grains of sand, scratching across his eye and sticking in the corner. He looked up to the same summer sky he’d fallen asleep under, blue with fluffy white clouds passing periodically in front of the baking sun. It wasn’t baking now. It wasn’t cold, either, just not as warm as he remembered. It had probably gotten late and the heat of the day was waning.

Stretching, he arched his belly toward the sky, his shirt splitting from his trousers like lips parting over teeth. Ripley shivered slightly. It was a lot colder than when he’d taken his siesta. He dug in his pocket for car keys while rubbing the remaining grit out of his eyes. They watered, the grit rubbing in more than out. Ripley stumbled to his feet, heels of both palms against his eyelids. Finally, he managed to blink the painful obstructions away and squinted to find his car.

“What in the hell?”

His car was still there, but it was a rusted shell, like the one next to it. How long had he been asleep?


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Kimberly Gould is the author of Cargon: Honour and Privilege, and it's sequel Duty and Sacrifice. She can be found most places as Kimmydonn, including Kimmydonn.com


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  1. The description of Ripley arching his body, belly pushing out splitting hi shirt describes a scene like he had slept so long he outgrew his clothes. This person must be sad, realizing he's slept a major part of his life and was unaware what happened while he wasn't conscious of the changes in his surroundings.