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Lizzie Koch Week 110: Dark Souls

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Title: Dark Souls

Leo stands alone, casting no shadow under the moon’s watchful gaze. Slowly, he walks along the path, his footsteps silent. Trees whisper as he passes; their canopies swaying away from him. If they could run, they would. They have already witnessed Leo’s raw, destructive power that chills bones and curdles blood. Maybe tonight, they will see it again, if his mood changes.

A deep melancholy lingers within, not easily satisfied by the wanton vandalism of unsuspecting souls. Leo wants more than roaming this earth alone for eternity. He wants companionship, to touch the silky smooth flesh of a human without them trembling in fear. Is that possible? A human companion for a vampire?

Or any companion.

I can’t be alone. I refuse to believe I am the last of my kind, destined to remain alone.
Deep in thought, Leo passes the bench he usually sits at. He stops. Nostrils flare and the scent of warm, sweet blood fills him. He turns slowly and sitting on his bench is a woman. She looks up to him. She smiles. Leo smells no fear. Excitement surges through him, mixed with confusion.

She stands, keeping her gaze on him. He doesn’t want her to leave and is filled with surprise as she walks towards him, keeping her eyes locked onto his.

“Leo.” Her voice flows soft and smooth; if it were food, it would be cream, enveloping every inch of him like silk. “I knew you’d come.”

He has so many questions but is mesmerised by her. After all these hundreds of years, Leo finally encounters someone worthy to be his companion, as the melancholy lifts, bringing a new ravishing hunger.

“I see you’re hungry,” she says in her creamy voice. “It burns inside of you, raging deep.”
“You are not afraid of me. Who are you?” His guard is up, senses on alert.
“Well, not your next meal that’s for sure.” She flashes a smile. He half expects to see sharp, glistening fangs but doesn’t, and is aroused.
“Are you here to kill me?” Leo asks with a wry smile
“That depends on you, Leo.”

Leo watches as she lights a cigarette, inhaling deeply. Wafts of smoke swirl in the night air and fade. She’s so cool, so calm, so confident. In the blink of an eye, he’s standing right before her, feeling her warm breath against his cold skin. Her eyes are dark but inviting. Leo crushes her body against his, pressing his lips against hers. There is no fight, no fear. He pulls away slowly and opens his eyes. Jumping back, Leo’s eyes widen, his fangs flash.

“Where are we? What have you done?” He moves swiftly across the windowless room.
“I just used a little magic, I have powers too you know.”
“What do you want from me?”
“A job. You see, I work for him, downstairs and we’ve been admiring your handy work over time. We want you to work for us.”
“I don’t work for anyone. And why would you want me when you’re powerful enough?” he spat.
“Because you can get into places we can’t. You can pass as human to a point. We can’t.”
“You fooled me,” Leo admitted.
“I have limited powers. You are what we need. Work for us, you’re already on the darkside no matter how you convince yourself otherwise with your selected killings. We’ll just select victims for you.”
Leo considered her, his eyes searching deep within, trying to pass the beauty that trapped him.
“You don’t want to see my true form Leo. Now, you have until morning to give me an answer.”
“And then what?”

She waves her hands up at the ceiling and Leo watches as it disappears revealing the star pricked night sky. “I don’t need to have to tell you what will happen if you’re still in here come sunrise.” She strokes his firm, chiseled cheek, the heat of her hand warming his entire body. “I’ll come back in an hour or two. That should give you enough time to consider.” The ceiling reappears. He studies her but doesn’t give an answer. If she can play games then so can I. He smiles and she vanishes leaving a smouldering ring on the floor.


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