Monday, July 21, 2014

SJ Maylee Week 109: One Thing

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Title: One Thing

Jonathon walked across the bridge at a snail’s pace. His world was empty without his Roxanne lighting the way. Lost in memories from one of their afternoons together, he was unaware of the cars speedy by to his right, the great drop to the river below on his left, or the woman in front of him.

“Hello, Jonathon.”

He stopped and brought up his fits, searching for the fight. The only thing he found was the woman in front of him. He looked back quickly, found nothing, and turned back to her.

“Why are you not doing your research?”

“You know why.” He took a step closer to her and continued to search around as he was unconvinced they were alone. “You didn’t have to take Roxanne.”

“You gave us no choice. Your kind serves one purpose and you were no longer doing it. She had to go home.”

His heart beat unevenly as what she said became clear.

“You heard me right. We took her back to her home. You know where that is, but I promise you will never be back in that place or that time.”

He didn’t care if she was right. There was a way he could use this information to his advantage and he’d figure it out. He’d find her again. It was true. His heart beat swiftly with the hope it once again had.

He stood proud, power surging through him. “There’s only one thing for me to do now and your research is not it.”

“Your fight is a waste.”

“Your life is a waste. I only started living once I met my Roxanne. As smart she you think you are, you know nothing about life. My love for Roxanne remains and I will find her.”

Goons in black suits, similar to those at the camp, came up behind him.

“Cooperate please. You know we’ll get our way, besides I can make your life very unpleasant.”

“Do what you will. I only care about one thing. Roxanne!”

The woman raised her hand. A ball of light grew from the center of her palm until it flashed out all the darkness. His feet were swept up from underneath him and he landed on his back in the middle of a hovel.


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  1. I'm content that they're back home hopefully in the same time zone but will the trees still be like they used to be or will they be sending them on the journeys they were taken on? I love the dialogue.