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Miranda Kate Week 108: Interdimensioning - Part 7 - Home at last

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Title: Interdimensioning - Part 7 - Home at last

The silence from the trees remained.

Elise whispered, “What happened with Reginald, what spooked you?”

He whispered back, “The codes I was programming into him should have changed the set up, but they kept returning to those that brought us here. It’s like he wanted us to remain here or something.”

“What do you think it means?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe he’s a device or something they’re using to communicate with us.”


“The Trees. But I’m trying to work out what those holograms were about, and that flower. You said it took you to another place?”

“Yes, just for a moment. When I hit my head I came back though.”

Logan looked around at the ground around them. The sunflower was still lying where Elise had thrown it. He moved away from her to pick it up.

“Logan what are you doing?” Elise hissed at him, glancing at his hand. The flower was face down. She could see his mind working. “What are you thinking?”

“Well let’s assume that Reginald and the holograms were their way of communicating with us, and the flower did indeed lead us out of here.”

“Okay. But why would they do that?”

“We are working on the assumption that the trees are bad and they want to hurt us, but are they?”

“I don’t follow.” Elise was confused. “Reginald told us about how the other humans had perished here.”

“Yes, but he also told us that the trees gave them food, but just not enough. And how the noise they made caused them to pass out each time – as it did with us when we arrived.”

“Okay.” Elise was beginning to see what he was getting at.

“So maybe they have devised another way to communicate with any unsuspecting humans that arrive here.”

“What, by using a device that they left here?”

“Yes.” Logan walked over to Reginald and tapped his shoulder. There was no movement; he remained in the same stance. “He’s real enough, not like the others.”

Logan was still holding the flower. Elise pointed at it. “So what are you going to do with that?”

“Well maybe it’s our way out of here. Maybe that’s why they gave it to you. If we both go through to another place, maybe my box will work there to get us home?”

Elise gave Logan a dubious look.

“Elise, we’ve got nothing to lose at this point. Staying here really isn’t an option.”

Elise pulled a face, and said, “Okay. But we might be better off going lying down. I leant down to hear something, that’s what made me fall.”

“Let’s give it a try.” Logan lay down on the ground next to her and she joined him. He held her hand on one side and held up the flower with the other, making sure it was over both of them so they could see it at the same time.

Within seconds of looking at the centre Elise could feel herself spinning again. She didn’t resist it this time and before long she found herself in the field, this time with Logan at her side. He put the flower down and they both lay there for a few seconds as though waiting to see if they would stay. Nothing changed.

Slowly Logan sat up and pulled Elise up with him. They looked round at the long grass waving in the breeze. There were no trees on any horizon. Logan stood up. Elise remained where she was.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Can you hear anything Logan?”

He frowned at her, cocking his head slightly. “Only the breeze through the grass.”

“No whispering?”

“What are you talking about?”

She listened, but he was right, there was only the breeze in the grass. She wondered if it was what she had heard the last time. She hoped so.

Logan pulled out the box from his pocket and looked at it. He punched in some numbers, and his face lit up. “We’re back in business.”

Elise had never felt so overjoyed. She leapt to her feet. “We get to go home?”

“Yes. I’m not taking us anywhere else. I think we’ve had enough for a while.”

Elise nodded.

Logan spent a few minutes punching in the numbers and then he took Elise’s hand. “Ready?”

“Never been more so.”

Logan pointed the box at the air next to them, and drew a rectangular shape. The air within it shifted, going a shade darker, and they stepped through together.

It was like climbing into a cupboard. When they stepped out the other side, they were in Logan’s apartment. Relief filled Elise’s heart, while Logan walked across the room and opened the French windows, stepping out onto the balcony. She joined him.

They looked out over the city, breathing in the late afternoon air.

“Nothing looks any different, I think we’re home.”

Logan stepped back inside and picked up a clock. “Yep, we’ve only been away about two hours.”

Elise shook her head. “That always amazes me. It feels like we’ve been gone for days.”

“This time round, definitely.” They heard a scratching and a whine at the door. Logan opened it and his dog, Sunny, came bounding into the room, jumping up at them both, overjoyed to see them.

“Fancy coming with me to take Sunny for a walk?”

Elise took another breath of the evening air, and said, “Sure. It’ll be a good way to wind down after all the stress.”

Logan put a lead on Sunny and they exited the apartment, taking the road down to the beach. He kept glancing up and Elise followed his gaze.

“What you looking at?”

“The Trees. I don’t think I’ll ever look at them the same

again!” Elise laughed.


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