Saturday, April 25, 2015

Aleea Davidson Week 147: Hearts as One

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Aleea Davidson’s Picture Choice: Two

Title: Hearts as One


The wedding is a blur. White dress, white pearlescent flowers, precious circles of gold that bind their promises with concrete evidence adorning their fingers. He knows he cried when she came down the aisle, something he thought he'd never do. Reception champagne and food he never really tasted are mere blurs in the memory department. All that really matters is now, the present, this moment when finally she's his and his alone.

They are as close as two people can get without crawling under each other's skin. He hears her heartbeat, feels it against his chest as he breathes her in. He wishes she was his first as he is hers.

So many past regrets. He never knew precious and important until she smiled at him, flirtatious and blushing inside a crowded subway car.

His hold tightens.

Night creeps up against the hotel windows, slipping inside to cradle the room in shadows. They stay still, arms and legs entwined, intimately connected for the first time. Pleasure curls low and deep, but for now this is enough. Love sets its own pace and slow is all they know.

They've been cautious, dancing around each other with tender touches and slow persuasion. He wants so badly to heal all her hurts, fill every hollow. She arches slightly, shivering and turns her face to his neck.

Everything about her pulls him in deeper, ripens the moment until need dictates a desire for more. He begins to move, careful, learning sex pales in comparison to making love, and her flesh means more than his own. He wants to feel her come undone so he can prove he'll catch her...






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Aleea lives in her imagination most of the time. It's an interesting place to be... Occasionally she can be coaxed out to chat on Twitter, though she finds it akin to torture to stick to that absurd 140 character limit. (@Aleeab4u)


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