Sunday, April 5, 2015

Miranda Kate Week 144: Occupied

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Miranda Kate’s Picture Choice: One

Title: Occupied

They slowly stepped inside, Daniels leading. They fanned out once they were through the hallway, checking all the rooms until they met up again in the large lounge room. There was a fire burning in the hearth. There was a mug sitting on the coffee table. Hanson picked it up.

“It’s still warm.”

They looked at each other, then at Daniels.

“There’s only one place left,” he said.

He turned and looked at the small door leading to the basement, and glanced back at them.


Darla heard the footsteps overhead. There was more than one of them. What would they do if they found her? Then it fell silent, and she wondered what they were doing until the door to the basement opened. She could see the stairs in the gap between the generator and the wall. The light that fell through cast a giant shadow down it. She could hear her heart thumping. She heard a voice call out. “Hello, is anyone there?” It sounded familiar.

The light came on, and they started down the stairs. Darla tried not to panic, but she thought her heart might burst right through her chest it was pounding so hard. She saw their feet first, then their legs, covered in blue jeans. Then their torso came into view and their head with a mop of brown hair that reminded her of someone. Then the head turned as they looked around and she saw the man’s face. Relief sweep through her so fast she thought she might wet herself.

“Oh Uncle Wes, it’s you!”

Darla came rushing out of her hiding place and flung herself into his arms. For a second he hesitated in shock, and then his arms came round her and held her tight, as he breathed, “Oh thank God, Darla, you’re alive!”


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