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Michela Walters Week 145: Hiding Amongst the Shadows

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Title: Hiding Amongst the Shadows

Hiding down beneath a moss covered rock, I wait. My brother has been hunting for me for at least ten minutes. Our games of hide and seek usually lasted for hours, or until our mum called us in for dinner. The forest behind our cobblestone house went on for acres, leaving plenty of hiding places to be discovered.

“Come on Sylvie, I know you’re here somewhere. I saw your footprints in the mud.” My brother, Jeffrey called from nearby.

Peeking over the rock, I could see his silhouette to my left. I knew if I was quiet, I might be able to make a run for it and hit our home base, a large squatty tree that sat in the middle of our property. If I got caught before getting there, I’d be subjected to my brother’s evil love of hiding in dark, dank corners that usually had spiders or other creepy crawlies inhabiting. He knew I hated spiders and took a perverse love of winning the game because I’d usually run into a spider web before making it to his hiding spot.

I’m about to spring up and take off for the base when the biggest spider I’ve ever seen drops down in front of my face. My scream echoes through the forest, but I hear my brothers maniacal laugh above me, holding the dangling spider I skittered away from.

“Ha! You’re such a wuss. By the way, you’re it.” He saunters off towards home base after tucking the spider back in a nearby tree.

I stand up, brushing off my pants and head towards home. I’ve had enough of the game for today and need time to recover from my near death experience and to sort out my very own diabolical revenge plan.


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  1. So much fun! I know my sisters and I were as terrible to each other.