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Denise Callaway Week 158: Fireworks

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Title: Fireworks

Bemley stalked down the path in the park, thoughts shooting through her mind like daggers. Her brilliant red hair seemed to magnify the events accented by strong purposeful steps. She had no particular destination, just away...away from everyone who seemed to think they had a say in her life. Carol, who looked upon her baby sister with judgement, never approved of the free spirit. Madison, the middle sister, always tried to fix every perceived wrong. Her mother offered this retreat or that workshop, with the idea of recreating her into someone that fit into this perfect dinner party world. Grandma, I miss you. You understood me the best, she thought. Then again, they were always trying to change you, too.

The fight had erupted once more over her choices. She had walked out on her boyfriend thinking home would welcome her with open arms. Instead, three disapproving faces berated her on her decisions in life. “I don’t need this!” she shouted and stalked back to her bedroom to gather a few belongings. She didn’t know where she was going, but any place was more welcome than here. An address book, cash, a couple of changes of clothes, she packed fast. When she walked out of her room, they tried to stop her.

“Just calm down, Bem.” “We can discuss this.” “We just need to get you on a solid path.” There it was. The judgement. She shrugged them off. “I need a walk.” They backed off, not realizing she had thrown her bag together for travel.

The path widened then split into two. Bemley paused, considering her options. One would take her back to the beginning. The other would lead to the bus station. With only a passing glance to the turn around, she stepped forward. It was time to step out on her own. Her steps quickened at the thought of a new start. She had a friend in the city that played music at a club. Perhaps she could get on there, waitress, bartender, something...and stand on her own two feet. Grabbing her phone, she quickly dialed the number.

“Kit, this is Bemley. Do you mind if I crash with you for awhile?”

“Ummm, your timing is great. My roommate just moved out. Can you pay rent?”

Bem quickly calculated how much she had stashed back. “I’m at least good for the month. I need a job but I can wait tables or tend bar.”

“Oh, I’ll check with Mike to see if he has something at the club. Come on over. We’ll take this city by storm.”

As she climbed the steps to the bus, she considered her life. It wasn’t the college education her mother wanted. It wasn’t the perfect boyfriend her sisters wanted. It was the freedom she craved. “This is my Independence Day.” As the bus rambled down the road, she saw fireworks pop off sporadically while the sun set. The perfect day for a new start.


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