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KendallJaye Collard Week 158: The Graveyard

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Title: The Graveyard

“Hurry up, Hitch! We’re almost there!” Blaze ran as fast as his legs would carry him. He had discovered this place on his last adventure and was eager to share it with his best friend.

“I’m trying, Blaze. You’re too fast!” Hitch hadn’t yet hit a growth spurt, so Blaze stood nearly a head taller. His legs burned and his chest heaved as he tried to keep up with his friend. The permanent crook in his knee didn’t help things either. He looked ahead to see how far his red-headed friend had gotten ahead of him. Blaze was already breaking around the corner. Hitch struggled to turn the corner, but when he did, the sight was amazing. It was everything Blaze had described.

Abandoned ancient vehicles. Cars from the 1930’s and 40’s lined up one after one like train cars for as far as he could see. They were rusty and old. And they were beautiful. The metallic smell of oxidation and daisies overwhelmed his brain and his heart. It was so stunning, Hitch nearly cried. Old pick up trucks missing their beds. Coupes with rumble seats. Hitch had never seen anything like it. Only in picture pages did he see glimpses of the past.

“See! I told you. It’s a car graveyard. It’s like they drove here to die. I bet your great-great-great-great-great grandpa had one of these!”

“But Blaze, isn’t it weird that there isn’t anything newer here? I 1980’s. No 2015’s. No 2035’s. Isn’t that weird to you?”

“Naw, man! Let’s go! Dibs on the rusty sedan over there!” And with his claim made, Blaze sprinted toward his car.

Something felt very wrong about this place. Hitch was no dummy.

Blaze ran to his car and threw open the door. It relented with a screeching groan.

“Blaze, I don’t think…”

“C’mon Hitch! I’m driving!”

“...this is such a good…”

Blaze slammed the door shut. Everything went hauntingly silent.


Hitch did his best to swallow the fear creeping up his gut like Boston ivy. He cautiously walked to the car Blaze had climbed into. “Blaze?” he tested cautiously. “Blaze, get outta there. We gotta make dinner.”

Complete silence.

The car was empty.

Blaze had vanished.

Hitch wept and ran for home.

The graveyard smiled.


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  1. What a debut! I'm all spooked up the wazoo now. You had me at "The metallic smell of oxidation and daisies". Welcome to the pleasuredome.

  2. I wonder why my comments don't use my heartmeltingly attractive pic?