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Lizzie Koch Week 160: The New Boy

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Title: The New Boy

Feathers were ruffled when Jackson, the new boy walked into class. College just got exciting for Maddie and her clique. She gave him her best smile, meeting her sparkling blue eyes, flicking her blonde hair off her shoulder as he sat at the desk next to her. He returned a courteous smile then turned to his books.

The next few days, Maddie made it her mission to bump into Jackson and get him talking. But all he did was smile, and walk off. As if that wasn’t enough, she saw him giving more than the time of day to April. April, a loner, a weirdo in Maddie’s eyes.

“How have those two become such good friends?” Maddie asked.
“They both work at the kennels,” replied Marie, touching up her lip gloss.
“How do you know that,” Maddie asked.
“My dad stopped by to look at getting me a dog. He’s known I’ve wanted one for ages but haven’t been allowed. Now my parents are separated, he figures he can do what he wants where I’m concerned. Anyway, I saw them both there working. Maybe you should get a dog.”
“Maybe I will,” Maddie replied, before marching off.

At the kennels, Maddie walked around, not interested in the dogs at all.
“Hi,” Jackson said, the first time he instigated conversation,
“Hi, I didn’t know you worked here.” Maddie smiled brightly through freshly glossed lips.
“Yeah, I do my bit to help out. So you’re looking for a dog?”
“Yeah but I hadn’t realised there were so many. Maybe you could help me?”
“Sure. What do you have in mind?”
Maddie shrugged. “I don’t know. I figured, I’d know when I saw it.”
Jackson gave her a grin as he pushed back his dark hair from his face. “Maybe the dog will choose you,” he said.

The afternoon was fantastic as Maddie spent the entire time with Jackson, not really paying attention to the dogs. Any one of them would do. Her mum could walk it. She had no intention of actually choosing one there and then anyway; a few visits to the kennels and Jackson would forget about her wanting a dog and ask her out.

But he didn’t. And on the fourth afternoon, April ended up showing Maddie around as Jackson was busy.

“Are you and Jackson going out?” Maddie asked.
“No, just friends. Why?” asked April
Maddie shrugged.
“If you want him to be interested in you, you have to stop faking your love of dogs.”
“It’s not fake!”
“Sure it is. Look, I know what you say about me. I know you think I’m weird. I probably am but if you ask nicely, I could help you.”
April dug into the front of her apron and pulled out a small purple bottle. “My nan made this. It’s a herbal medicine.”
“Well, I asked her to make it for you. I knew what you were up to, I know you want Jackson.”
“And what do you want?” asked Maddie, eyeing the glass bottle.
“To be accepted, to be your friend, part of your group.”
“What will this medicine do?”
“It’ll get you want you want.”
“Why don’t you take it then?”
“Fine.” she took off the stopper and raised it to her lips. A tiny drop touched them.
Maddie snatched it, gulping it down. “I want Jackson to like me, want me.” she said. “Thanks April. Meet me at lunch and please, wear something at least from this century.”

Lunchtime, and Maddie was nowhere to be seen. April wore a bright new outfit and was instantly noticed by Marie. She fitted in like she’d been part of the group forever. By the end of the day, April had been invited to a party that night with Marie. They left college together and saw Jackson at the gate.
“Hi,” said April. “Missed you today.”
“Yeah, I was kinda busy. You look different.” He noticed April’s face fall. “I meant nice, you look nice. But don’t come to the kennels like that.” he smiled.
“Who’s your friend?” April asked.
“Ah, this is gonna sound strange, but you know I’ve always wanted a husky? This beautiful girl showed up at my house this morning. She looks kinda familiar, I know it sounds stupid.”
“No, it doesn’t,” said April, grinning as she stroked the husky, looking into her blue eyes. She nuzzled into the dog, “I told you you’d get what you want. Shame you had to end up like this.” She jumped up, linking an arm into Jackson and another into Marie’s as they strolled down the road with the husky lapping at their heels.


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  1. Oh thank you!! I worried it was a tad long but couldn't get it in my head to shorten it! Xx

  2. Oh thank you!! I worried it was a tad long but couldn't get it in my head to shorten it! Xx

  3. Not too long at all. I really enjoyed that, I really wasn't sure what was going to happen. Good job!