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SJ Maylee Week 161: Two Pieces

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SJ Maylee’s’ Choice: Both

Title: Two Pieces

They’d been on the road for weeks. She’d seen more old locks than she cared to admit except for the one they sought. Two pieces for every puzzle, it’s the stories she grew up with. Never did she believe until her mother disappeared without a trace.

“Get ready, Jenny. The next salvage yard is on the next block on the right.” Tommy said.

“It’s going to be another dead end.” She squeezed the key in her palm. “I almost wish we’d never found it.” She rolled down her window. “What are we seriously hoping we’re going to find, anyways? She reached her hand out the window. The weight of the old key kept it in the center of her palm even after she opened her fingers. The damn thing wouldn’t fly away.

“I have a good feeling about this place. It’s your family history that tells you to find the lock after the key appears. Isn’t doubt right before you find the right lock also part of the story? Hey, what the hell are you doing?” Tommy pulled the car over.

She handed him the key. “You don’t know that we’ll ever find her just like we don’t know there’s any truth to the stories. They’re just that, stories geared toward scaring a little girl from straying too far from her mother.” She got out of the car. “Don’t you remember the other half of this story? If we connect this puzzle and find my mom, we’re bound to keep the curse going. This will happen to me and our daughter.” She rubbed her round belly.

Tommy walked around the car and grabbed her hand, dropping the key in her palm. “If that happens, I won’t stop looking for you. You believe me, don’t you?” He pushed back the hair from her face.

“My sweet, Tommy, I believe you.” She smiled at her husband and in that same moment the key warmed in her hand. “I believe.”


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